Bad Dream Or Reality?

One time i was sleeping and i was surrounded by these little people who were grayish and has buggy eyes, I couldnt move i was like frozen and only my eyes could move. They were saying something but i could not understand, i kept trying to jerk to move or say something but then i finally got a word out and everything went black and mom rushed in and i was able to move.... but there was ticking outside of my window so my mom got me out of my room fast...
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this was a demonic attack . i have had the same kind of sleep paralysis . except with mine i see the reaper demons . they come up from the floor , black shadowlike masses and freeze me . when i rebuke them in my mind in the name of jesus/yeshua they flee . also satan is the prince of the power of the air , aliens are merely fallen angels/nephilim . this is happening to lots of people . if it happens again just pray in your mind to jesus and show no fear . they are using the grey alien form with you so you will think they are aliens from another world . if you do it adds to the belief in them wich goes against what the bible says . they're trying to plan a big event so when a collective of people like you see them in the sky you will say 'it's the aliens'' are they here to help or kill . anything to defer you from believing in god and his son jesus . i hope this is clear .they also chip people , that is the mark of the beast . look up lucent technologies at 666 5th ave newyork . it is run by freemasons . if you are a christian please pray against this evil , and also the freemasons . they need it . i know all of this to factual . jesus/yeshua loves you . if you have any questions just message me .

Bug eye ppl any else you can recall about it?

ooh wow, that's a really creepy and scary story!

lol it was creepy and scared me pretty bad

i always get sleep paralysis, its common thats defiinatly what you had

If you want a normal explanation, it was probably a sleep paralysis episode.

ever since then im terrified of the dark

I think maybe you were visited by a spirit, probably of a relative. I had the same experience but I could not even speak during the dream/event.

Wow that sounds scary and tragic... what a dream....