Why We Hide Aliens.

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Many of you think those in power are withholding proof of alien races and you're right. They are. But you have also been tricked into thinking the reason they do this is because either they don't want to distort your beliefs in God and think you will go crazy or you just aren't evolved enough not to be frightened at the fact that these guys could take us out with realitively little effort.

You could not be further from the truth. Leaders don't care about the religious aspect of alien contact. In fact, they already have documents in place, ready to be released if the secret ever goes mainstream. That being...God and creation is a question not even these advanced races can prove or disprove. It is a spriitual singularity that reamains within each individual species.

And, the second so called reason for hiding the E.T.'s is all you little drones would be so frightened for your lives, you would hide like cockroaches in the light. Now of course this might be true for some, but the majority would quickly realize these aliens, any of the ones with the ability to travel are kind. If these aliens really wanted to take us out, they could have done it before mankind ever evolved into the species we are now. Please understand, these are races that came to the planet well before the dinosaurs roamed. If they wanted this planet as a home, it would have been done well beforehand.

At this point you may be wondering why it is that if these aliens are visiting and the Government is keeping it from you, why don't the aliens themselves just come out and tell the masses the truth. I want to tell you, this is not the way of the galaxy. Each and every species from beyond live by a code, and the number one aspect of this code is not to interfer with the power structure of a race. They may always approach the leaders of worlds, but they are not permitted to interact with the average resident. The theory behind this law is that leaders will do what's best for its people. They believe if the leaders are not advanced enough to avoid exploitation, the race as a whole is not ready. This, to me, is an unfair method, but I am told it works for most worlds and ours is one of the least advanced in this area. The alien council believes we may be doomed based on the hold the power elite have and are unwilling to release.

So, then, if the excuses they have leaked out to the conspiracy sites is not the true reason they won't come out and tell everyone about alien life...what is? Money of course. Since we first found out about aliens we have exploited it for money and power. As the aliens approached our ancient ancestors they brought knowledge and gifts to our leaders. Our leaders did not share these things as the aliens hoped. They kept them as secrets and used them to take greater control. Later, as aliens shared technology, leaders did not share the advances with the public and use them as community goods. They trademarked the items, found other ways to sell them and created empires. With every gift given, a new product hits the market. Do you think it is a coincidence that Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier three weeks after Roswell? Roswell was a coverup. The aliens gave us an aircraft that used zero energy and gave zero emmissions. We tested it, crashed it, covered it up and then used thtech to create greater weapons.

We have failed the galactic communities tests over and over, yet they are there to open us up to the galaxy. The problem is, our rulers would rather be big fish in this little pond then.......

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