Strangers In The Night

Barney...pulled the car over to the side of the road where there was reasonably unobstructed visibility.
Betty took Delsey, their dog, for a walk on her leash and noted:
...that the star, or the light, or whatever it was in the September sky, was definitely moving.
Barney, noting that the light in the sky WAS moving, was now fully convinced that it was a straying satellite.
A few miles farther on, Barney stopped again, and Betty had this comment:
"Barney, if you think that's a satellite, or a star, you're being absolutely ridiculous."
With his naked eye, Barney could tell that she was right. It was obviously not a celestial object now, he was sure. "We've made a mistake, Betty," he said. "It's a commercial plane. Probably on it's way to Canada."
a few miles on:
"Barney slowed the car down...and looked again at the strange moving light. In amazement, he noted that it swung suddenly from its northern flight pattern, turning to the west, then completing its turn and heading back directly toward them.
Barney stopped the car and:
Through the binoculars, Barney now made out a shape, like the fuselage of a plane, although he could see no wings. There also seemed to be a blinking series of lights along the fuselage, or whatever it was, in an alternating pattern. When Betty took the glasses, the object passed in front of the moon, in silhouette.
Barney, the skeptic, insisted it must be an airliner that was off course. A few miles further:
It was now apparently only a few hundred feet high, and it was huge. Further off, it had seemed to Betty that it was spinning; now it had stopped and the light pattern had changed from blinking, multicolored lights to a steady, white glow.
A little later Barney stopped the car to look again:
As he did so, the huge object - as wide in diameter as the distance between three telephone poles along the road, Barney later described it - swung in a silent arc directly across the road, not more than a hundred feet from him. The double row of windows was now clear and obvious.
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And an autobot came out of the ..."saucer"?? Where did it happen? Gotta send my crew... ;)

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Interrupted Journey. I remember reading their story in Look Magazine when I was a kid.