Life Out There

I had always wondered about life beyond our own galazy. I figured that we couldnt be the only intellegent(hang on delete that) life forms in this galaxy. The universe will never be nothing but a bunch of stars and a beaming sun to most of us. But after seeing the first pictures of the Curiosity rover on Mars I am now convinced that there is other life forms.
This is one of the first pictures it has sent back to earth.

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I always HOPE there is something more "out there" I think there has to be...... Maybe they live "under" that bleak surface. Loved this pic!! I could totally deal with cute lil aliens like that coming down!!

haha...where's bugs?

Giggles..... cute :)

I knew it!!! I knew they would have gold helmets and big eyes.

Once that picture was snapped, it took about 10 minutes (that's all) for it to be received on earth. Takes me that long to get out of bed.

Isn't it amazing to see pictures from millions of miles away?? Makes you realize how small a part we are in this universe. Looking forward to more pictures of Mars.<br />
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Btw......... I love Marvin the Martian!!!