On A Mexican Forest

Sorry for the upcoming grammar fails, but I don't know how to use spell check fast enough and I'm not a very good typewriter, but I need to share what happen to me and my wife last weekend on the woods, we where walking trough the woods in the most dense part in a huge forest in Mexico on our vacations, we where carring just the essentials, 2 knives, 1 machete, water, etc. and warm clothes in the case the darknes falls to quickly, was about 7:00 p.m. and the night was falling to quick, since both of us where unfamiliar to that particular area we start the trip back to our rented truck, by the time we are just missing 3 or 4 kilometres to get into our truck, the night was so deep that my torch was juts able to light up to 13 or 15 yards in front us, when suddenly my wife says to me “did you see that light at your left on the floor???” and when I turn to my left, the light, a perfect square shaped rayless light was on a tree without an origin, like when you reflect the sun on a mirror, exept that was in the middle on the nigh and there’s no electric light around us to make a reflection, then this light moves trough the tree up to the top and then goes down again, by then one small figure jumps from one tree to another so freaking a fast that I couldn’t belive it, like a monkey, exept that was the forest, any monkey kind creature of 5 up to 6 foot height lives on the forest and they don’t use lights, well, this “creature” jumps from one tree to another and for the sounds the creature runs behind us 80 yards in 2-3 secs, by then my wife and I just pull out our knives and the machete in the case we had to defend ourselfs, we run like hell with the troubles of holding hands, then the noises start to follow us and 3 or 4 square lighst again comes form the heights and from a parallell runner without a ray of light, or whatever what is, so when we got tired and we stop I try to call the hotel and they answered, I said we where lost and the hotel attendant respond that they will send help, when we where in the middle of the forest 15 or 20 lights starst to “dance around us” and I could light one of this “creatures" for one sec. it was like a small humans, hairless but two leged creatures, they follow us while we walk to teh truck cause we where so exausted that we couldn’t run anymore, they never approach to us of treat us in any way, just follow us, by the time we where on the truck 2 rescue guys say to me ” we though you are lost”, we aren’t but I call for help, once we are at the hotel, my wife and I had to take a drink, so once we are drunk enough to talk about it, we share what happens to one of the rappel instructors and his wife, who where drinking on the bar too, they say to me on a very cold fashion that they saw those creatures dozens of times and they saw them on a Canadian forest too on the 90’s…..they describe their own experience on Canada and in Mexico very similar to ours, but I honestly think that they just want a couple of extra bucks, however my wife and I saw it……. I just can’t forget the experience, so if someone has something similar or an experience like that, please contact me, I’m 100% serious, don’t joke with this please, thanks.
LasloPalaflex LasloPalaflex
31-35, M
Sep 11, 2012