Following The Mistery

Ok, I know that the the title sounds like a Scoby Doo episode, but I didn't find a proper title, a couple of days ago I post my terrifing experience in a forest while on vaction in Mexico visiting some relatives with my wife, well, I'll been searching a lot about what hapenned and what happen to me results that is a very COMMON experience in that area, all the forest that sorouns Edo Mex, a huge state on the center on the country and here is where I freak out, the experience that I have occurs after reports of alien landings, I truly don't know what I saw, if was paranormal or an alien experience, but honestly I'm tending to think that was an alien encounter, UFO's flying almost every day trough that area and the way the move was completely out of this earth.

I check some videos on Youtube about this type of encounters and in MEtepec MExico they capture a baby alien on a tramp, followed of a surveillance video where one of this creatures is taking an apple with his 3 long fingers, the locals calls them goblins, but are always sorounded of UFO landings........

If someone has reports about similar stuff please share it with me, regards.
LasloPalaflex LasloPalaflex
31-35, M
Sep 12, 2012