Do You Believe In The Government Conspiracy Of Covering Up Aliens?

Do you ever think it could be possible? Do you think people could figure out? What if they are not even covering it up, just the strange idea of aliens being true would make people laugh. I really do think aliens exist. There is the technology, and there is a great evidence of aliens. What if all it took was you to go to your local newspaper and military records to find out what previous reports of aliens are happening today. With all the technology we have, and researchers we have, why is the hundreds of sightings a day ever noticed? What if all we needed was a way to grab more attention to it? Treat it as a serious possibility?
Well obviously you would bring subtle attention to it from a diversion?
Ancient aliens is a meme, they purposely made the show a laughing stock, but delivered true facts and undeniable truth that aliens exist. There is information into so many things, we are simply not putting enough interest in aliens to make it funded. Ancient aliens was intended for you take seriously, but it's disguised as entertainment.
I think the next step is creating a website intended to look like it was created for 100% seriousness, full of useful information about aliens disguised as a little data base and forum, then attack it with trolls and memes making fake, entertaining profiles as a meme. And this way research into what the governments might be keeping from us might finally be overturned. It could ever easily make profit is the great thing.

I'm sorry, but I am really really high right now. Maybe the weed is making me scitzophrenic. There needs to be more research into that too.
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2 Responses Nov 27, 2012

There is a ton of evidence out there and humans already have the technology. Look up the keshe foundation. Also you might be interested in both are good reads.

Everything in this world we see. Many people distort its reality to it. Everything has a bit of truth and lie to them. It seems we need to decipher much of it all by ourselves. In the best way we can. And if we use our analytical own thinking. Perhaps we can try to understand what is the truth. As long as we pursue everything with honesty and everything we know of has a reasonable math equation to it like: 4 + 7 = 11. I will believe in an 11 outcome from my Inferences. If I'm adding 4 + 7. Ancient Aliens has given Historical Numbers (Like in Metaphor) and my Answers confirm much of what they say. They Offer the Theories and I do my Own Math for my own answers. Interesting!