Close Encounters

You could have passed us on the street without even knowing some of us are so much like you, your government knows we are here but acknowledges they can not do anything about it nor should they want to. You have come such a long way but you still have so far to go.
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1 Response Dec 1, 2012

That is the way it is actually I am one of those "aliens" but it isn't what it's cracked up to be I'm just a down on his luck human parallel just different enough from people here to screw with my life. I know people on parallel earths talk to them via a machine even but it doesn't do me any good I don't have any money or anything really that others don't. Funny how knowledge of big important things gets you s h i t.

I don't know either but it's almost as if these people have something of the wild creature in them. I get excited about things that are different or innovative they get excited about things that are fast or loud or bright colors. The vehicles they build even have lines that evoke some preditory animal ready for the chase. They are entertained by dramatic stories limited to social interactions that excite the socal instincts used for survival in tribes, if lower primates could understand the stories they would likely relate to them as well. I am much more fascinated by stories about discovery, solving logistical puzzles etc. esentialy , i am excited by "what if" stories not watching predictable tribal politics play out over and over againe.

I'm not sure what kind of genes I'm carying around , where the came from or how they were introduced into the population but they made me resemble human beings from a slightly different earth. Probably the most frustrating thing is that I am so human I lock and act close to the people here but can never really connect. If what happined with the machine haden't happened I would never have had a clue, ever.

I feel this way also