Do Ufo's Constitute Aliens?

I have not personally met any personsthings you might call aliens but I do know someone who has. I have however, experienced seeing a group of around 8-15 craft dancing in the sky above my head. I do not have any physical proof but I have a feeling I could return and see them again. It was an english summer evening (around 2am).

If anyone else would like to post something and share something so i'm not alone, i'll expand the details!


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Could be ships used by the greys, could be an advanced civilization of mankind on or around earth, could be our own govt. Look up project bluebook for actual public records of declassified military files regarding UFO sightings.

I think the simplest way to look at this, whatever you think about UFOs, is: for any given piece of incredibly-advanced technology, is it more likely that (a) aliens developed it, brought it to Earth from another solar system god knows how many light-decades away, and flew it around inside our own atmosphere, but didn't send any radio transmissions, and didn't hang around in our solar system anywhere we might notice them, or make any large-scale attempts at contact... or (b) human beings developed it as a secret military project?

Clarke's Law meets Occam's Razor.

The first thing I would note is that UFOs are absolutely real the evidence is so overwhelming that one would have to be foolish to deny the phenomenon. That being said the idea of these things being aliens or intergalactic beings is very problematic. The concept of long range space travel being questionable at best is only the tip of the iceberg of reasons why I would be skeptical of the alien concept. The second problem with this may be even stronger evidence against the alien idea. In and amongst the reports these things exceed 6000 mph without a sonic boom, they split off and connect/reconnect with one another, visible and disappear, and I believe that this removes the argument that they are physical beings at all. All that is left at that point would be beings that can enter and exit our dimension. Consider the reports of contact with these beings. The reports are consistent for the most part concerning abductions in regards to these beings being fascinated with our reproduction. As to the information people relate from messages they receive from these beings (once again these reports are consistent as well) most of them elude to ascended masters, a new age with ancient truths and strangely enough humanism. The channelers, mediums and spiritualists that insist they have contact with these beings all report the same information with little differentiation from the folks who believe they are talking to the dead. Reports that could be almost indistinguishable accounts as to the information they receive concerning the above mentioned parties. It is my theory that if you take the time to hear what those that have had contact with these beings are reporting it becomes quite clear as to their agenda, origin and no small insights into the greatest questions of life we all share.

I have came face to face with an alien when i were little, And i certainly believe they exist, They do fly the crafts, iv'e watched far too many programmes to tell you this on aliens.. <br />
Someone was interviewed that worked on a ship and got to look inside one, and said all the chairs inside were like childrens chairs, very small and low to the ground, the alien i saw was around the height of 4ft.. So it makes sense.

I'd reckon you're not alone there! So many have seen and filmed these things, and no one in authority is brave enough to come out and say what or who they are. If they are indeed alien, could a government come out and admit that someone is flying in their airspace, unchallenged? <br />
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I thought I'd seen one in the early hours, but it's flight was straight and true, probably a satellite. A friend however swears he saw several in a Vee formation one night. I've no reason to doubt him.<br />
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Keep watching! Have a video camera handy.

The U.S. military make their own TR-3B ( see youtube ) Israel recently purchased some also. They have had the Technology for 60 years now and go to Mars however don,t advice the slaves ( YOU ) Reply by Groucho Haarp - Facebook

We are not alone<br />
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Look up the "pheonix lights' about 10 thousand people saw that madness, some sort of benevolent life form is out there checking up on us, i'm damn sure of it.

What about the Phoenix lights made your assumption of these things to be benevolent?

I've seen what you have seen a few times. I was looking up at the stars and then after a while the stars started to move in a swirl and formed kinda into two groups and moved off. whatever it was they were way up high. I saw it when I was just a kid, and then again when I was a young adult. I am with you that with a little diligence I might be able to find such things again. <br />
But I have not determined yet if its a UFO with green men in it or a UFO to us Civilians. AND why so many if so? I think with the first time mentioned here, I saw at least the number you claimed. <br />
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BUT its not the only time I saw strange things in the nights sky. Actually for some reason it simply became not such a big deal to me anymore.

I also know someone who saw something like mother just read it in my story