Alien Autopsy Exposed

In a flub for the ages, the findings of the true alien autopsy have been released, at least temporarily. Bill Pike, founder of the Project Greetings Program, has been petitioning the US and other world Governments for the release of classified UFO related stories for decades. He is more than verse in the Freedom of information act and other disclosure methods, but until recently, all that Mr. Pike had received were pages and pages of blacked out materials.

Then one day, Mr. Pike decided to go about this a different way, in short, he tried to trick the Government into disclosing some information. But this time, Pike didn’t ask for UFO files, pictures or saucers or contact, but medical records. He petitioned the library of Congress for any medical records pertaining to all military hospitals in the region of Roswell.

Well, apparently his wording slipped right through the crack and Mr. Pike received a very unusual set of autopsy results. The findings were not sent directly to Pike, but placed on a temporary library system on the Libraries website.

According to the released information, 3 bodies were brought into Walker Air Force base two days after the now infamous Roswell incident. The files were released as given by the doctor on the scene and signed by the military officials that oversaw the autopsy. Although all reminisces of the postings have been taken down, Pike new exactly what he was looking for and copied the findings.

According to the doctors, the 3 bodies that came in were humanoid, but not to indigenous species. Each stood between four and five foot high, with the traditional big eyes, big head and scrawny bodies popular culture has made very famous. What differs from popular culture are the insides of these creatures. Upon removal and studying of the eye, it quickly became apparent to the doctors on sight that the eyes were not organic, not fully organic anyway. Each eye had been enhanced with several optic lenses able to pick up light from every range in the know spectrum. This, as noted by one physician must have been the reasoning for such large eyes. It would not be reasonable for an advanced species to need such large eyes; in fact with advances in genetic research and evolution, having larger eyes would be a hindrance and weak point for a species and with knowledge comes lighting sources that would halt all need for enlarged eyes. But the need to store thousands of cell sized cameras in one eyeball is a better explanation.

When moving to the internal organs themselves they quickly noted that although most of the “guts” seemed to be organic, upon further study, everything was manufactured or grown with a mixture of living tissue, fiber optics and computerized mesh. The doctors concluded that the brainwaves that emanated from the creatures where electrically charged just as they are in humans and this electricity is what makes the creature function. It was noted that the combination of robotic and living organism was virtually perfect. The living side provided the natural charge for the robotic side which controlled all function on the creature.

Since none of the creatures in the report were listed as living at the time of recovery, they could not determine if these were sentient creatures that enhanced themselves with technology in order to better themselves or simple drones sent out by a highly advanced species not wishing to travel themselves.

Shortly after this information was leaked, it was taken down and somehow Bill Pikes entire hard drive crashed. The only remaining evidence is the print out Mr. Pike made just minutes before he lost his computer.

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ricknaub ricknaub
Dec 6, 2012