Alien Dreams

I have had dreams where an alien has visited me. The first dream stood out the most. This alien was tall and was a grey. He had just landed out of his UFO from a beam of light. He was wearing a silver robe and was holding a doll. He was smiling at me and I stepped a little closer. I was scared but he seemed benevolent.
The next dream was plain scary. I was running in an open field and a UFO was just above my head and from as beam of light a grey appeared beside me. He wasn't wearing anything this time. He was just about to get me then I woke up.
Please, I would like to hear about other people's dreams with aliens. The topic really interests me :)
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It's possible you may of had astral experience with these universal spirit beings from other worlds.

Good story MsHoneyBee, you should if you don't already record in writing all strange occurrences as the years pass you by. I am going to start recording all I remember from my youth. I suspect I may have been an abductee but cannot prove it. The more you record the less you will forget and the better the picture will be in years to come. :-)

would rather chat here about it,,,,,

Is that really necessary?