I definately believe in Aliens. I believe that there are Alien families sitting down to lunch, and the younger one says, "Ma, are humans real?" It makes sense...
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I always imagined on some other planet 2 aliens are at school or something and one asks "Hey. Do you believe in aliens?" Then the other one says "No, that's imposible!" Then they argue about if aliens exist.

Nice, theCheese.... good thoughts... me likes.... very creative!

They would be called the name that which they gave themselves, duh! All I could ever hope out of any alien life form that is intelligent enough to come to our planet would be understanding. Much like a parent who sees there child in such a way that they remember there own childhood and can only hope to try and mold them into something better and brighter.

yeah... makes you wonder what that is... hmm... *rubs chin*

i dunno<br />
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they'd still be called whatever they call themselves, at least amongst themselves

lol.. probably... but what would that make them?

lol they'd probably call US the aliens, and not the humans