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thanx for fixing the link for me.u should look up the case in colorado where the alien peeped through the window

i think this is the link this person was trying to post.... idk why but "someone" put spaces in the address......... but anyway here is that link<br />
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oh and.... i dont find that to be "BIG news".... show me an alien body not just some christmas lights in the sky<br />
<br />
bahhhhhhhh hum bug on that<br />
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:[ the link didnt work

Well, that was fun. I think I will just let my cat walk on the keys: TTHHIS Ileas;ha;sdf berskdfosfjkjkjjkj;alfkjslfsfhahf . <br />
Blah Blah back to you. <br />
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Will you PLEASE decode your stuff?<br />
<br />