Met With Seven Beings Of Light

 A while ago, in a changing room after a yoga class, I stood up and there were seven beings of light surrounding me. They were clearly higher dimensional and communicating their presence through my third eye, or minds eye. they were entirely of light and nodded in greeting. After some research I have come to the conclusion that they are of the pleiadian star structure, others have also had communication with them.

What is very interesting, connecting to those people, who like myself, believe that they may actually be an alien, or at least partly of beyond this realm, is that in the communications received by a woman named barbara marciniak from this group of aliens the aliens actually refer to themselves as our future selves!

ie: what we evolve into in terms of gods plan for teh future. beings of radiant light and full knowledge.

and like someone on here earlier proposed, what is god if not at least part a giant gentle but powerful alien??!

Fascinating stuff!

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I have seen a being of light. It looked like an alien like you described. My mothers side are all blonde heads with blue eyes. I have reddish blonde hair myself. This being came to help me when I was praying. He spoke telepathically. I did not see his eyes nose or mouth. He did seem familiar but I didn't catch a name. Sorry. Anyhow I was never interested in aliens but I have had a few dreams of visiting other planets and being visited by them esp dreams when I was pregnant.

Wow ! I thought I was crazy, but hearing other people say it surprises me. Are these beings sometimes hostile? I have seen one in my dreams, multiple times actually, but it is always chasing me... And I'm not sure what to think of it, so I always run away. One of the times, it turned me around and allowed me to see its form; and it is the same appearance you guys have been talking about. But why is it chasing me? I think it tried to communicate with me once, but it sounded like it was speaking a different language... Perhaps that is because at the time I was 8 years old, and my third eye wasn't open? Are the telepathic communicators? What was it trying to communicate? Why was it chasing me? I am so interested now.

I have been so so so fortunate to live in the times of the internet so I can validate others have had my experiences so I don't feel AS crazy as I think I am ha ha ha!!!!!<br />
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My experiences have been quite stunning. I remember as a VERY VERY small child a being of pure light spoke to me and told me to scream and make some noise--- that something was coming to destroy my family's house and I needed to warn them. So I cried and cried and my mother told everyone in the living room to go to bed, that maybe then I would sleep and stop crying. 30 seconds later a drunk driver RAN INTO AND THROUGH the living room where my entire family was. <br />
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Later in life I have had MANY interesting psychic events and abilities including physically seeing auras... Not intuitively. Physically. Enough I can tell you if a woman is on a period (sparkles in the aura), if a person is in the dieing process (grey with a black blob)... If a woman is pregnant (also sparkles with a child light body present). What emotion you are having.. If you are trying to manipulate me for sex or money (flaming red sparks like a solar flare)... if you are emotionally healing (neon green) or are deeply jealous and are harboring wicked thoughts (muddy swamp looking green).<br />
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All through out life I would have these horrific nightmares of 'end of world' type events. One night, the dream ended differently. I was picked up by a UFO and on board a ship I looked out of a earth falling apart, the typical cliche fire and brimstone hell on earth... I saw a being of light telling me everything was ok, I was safe. I screamed 'why did you save me when billions of others have died??" he said, "we made a good choice with you. You have been chosen for your compassion and humility towards humanity. This was only a test. Many would be thankful for being saved. You are angry and feel saddened that we did not save others. We now know you were the right choice." <br />
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Then the dream ended.<br />
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Later the same beings of light told me that I was not 100% of human origin... that yes, my mother and father are who they are... but my genetics were altered early on while in fetal development. In fact... the being of light made me feel a little dumb. He said, "Didn't you EVER put two and two together that your entire mother's family are RED HEADS... Your ENTIRE father's family are dark haired... but yet... you are blond?" <br />
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Nope. Never crossed my mind. Thanks for pointing that out dude from above. Now... I feel like an idiot. Thanks. LOL<br />
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Which now thanks to the internet and people speaking out I have found things are making sense... The aliens visiting me are of these light beings... Which are said to be of Pleiadian origin. Which are said to be blond haired race. HOORAY! Hummm so maybe I am not crazy?<br />
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Also another thing I have uncovered. I was reading a book about an abducted and he said he had a full conscious abduction. Turns out he was being abducted for years but they covered up his memories afraid it would harm him psychologically. When they thought he was able to handle the magnitude of the event they let him become conscious. He described MANY similar 'end of world' type dreams where in the end FINALLY they told him the meaning of it all.<br />
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They are VERY worried about humanity and what we are doing to our planet. They feel compassion for us because we are genetically linked--- we are basically their family and so like family they are putting a galactic AA meeting together ha ha ha.<br />
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The dreams are not a prophetic dreams per say... They are to scare the hell out of us enough that we DO something about it! They look for people who they feel have the potential to bring about great change on the earth and use these dreams and other methods to motivate humanity toward a more peaceful and environmentally conscious society. <br />
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Oh, and they DO have a sense of humor. They are not the cold logical types depicted in Hollywood. They are VERY warm and curious beings. They laugh and joke around and are quite PLAYFUL. Trust me.... they got QUITE the laugh over the blond hair thing. In stitches practically.

Intresting, I think i have seen the same type of entity, just one tho and it was only the face,on my bedroom wall just looking at me after I had an intresting Dream seemd like it wanted to see my reaction after waking from the dream,or seemd like it was trying to tell me it was watching me

Hello my name is Mayra,<br />
I also had a similar experience. I was in danger in Mexico, Seven light beings surround me and with their minds spoke to me. They told me what would happen and then told me to leave Mexico as I was not safe there. Everything they told me came to pass. The faces were like human shape but no noses, no eyes, no mouths just white ligth human average size, perhaps no taller than 5' 4". I later saw one of came through a bedroom door at a friends house, when a lady friend of one of the friend of my friend scream. He look that I was okay and then when away. I did not ask who they were I just figure they where there to protect me. Yes they all look the same.

I believe they are trying to tell us that we too..are light beings but have to realise and acheive this through meditation and other ways. Ascension. Pretty cool that you saw them. I wish I can meet light beings and light beings from other ascended planets. What they are trying to teach us is that the divine energy of creation(GOD) is in everything. An us humans have the power to attain that enlightment. I got a question do you also meditate? I do but I am not far as connecting with them or seeing beings. I need some tips:) if you can help me see them thank you. Love and Light. Hope the new age of spirituality and science comes for Humanity.

They were androgynous, each looked identical to the other, simple oval faces but shinning with this radiant light.

Very Interesting. What did they look like?

Pretty neat. :-)