Cora's For Breakfast

If you ever come to Canada, you HAVE to check out Cora's they do breakfast and lunch. Specializing in breakfast. The decor is very cool, the waiters and waitresses are awesome (I have been in several From Saint John, New Brunswick to Montreal, Quebec) the food is absolutely amazing. Best breakfast ever.

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9 Responses Aug 26, 2008

What Canadian city? Province?

Cora's is excellent. Haven't had the opportunity to visit one in many years, though.

Make it with hot water. No milk for me. However, after breakfast, I need some more lovin'.

I think they should leave the entire urn. XTRA hot chocolate for CK!

Last night certainly was fun. Breakfast anyone?

Oh yes, that is why we need all day breakfast. No gettin up early, specially after the fun we three had last night.

'Cause I HEART breakfast.

If your coming to Canada and going to Cora's, your going with me. But why would we be having breakfast together?

It's official. I have to come to Canada. Those breakfasts look so divinely delicious!!