Herbalism Vs Medicine

I always thought that Herbalism was far better than Medicine. Medicine rather covers up the problem as opposed to actually fixing it. Herbalism is more likely to fix your ailments than just cover it up.

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Herbs are like medicine in a sense. Most herbs are not dangerous, but some can be, just like medicine. We do many dangerous things in medicine trying to help people. But there often is a solution that may or may not include herbs! Most people's bodies want to live a thrive, it's just a matter of finding what is needed to help it do just that. Might be medicine, might be vitamins, might be herbs, or might be something else. That has to be catered to the person. What is sad is that medicine is now big business so many doctors are looking for the quick fix, not necessarily the solution.

I also believe in these kind of treatments. This method has become famous in different parts of the world. An example of which is the alternative cancer treatment in Mexico. The government has actually recognized the ability of natural methods to cure a disease as serious as cancer.<br />
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I came across this link for more info http://hubpages.com/hub/alternative_cancer_treatment_mexico

You're mistaken, all the herbalists I've known never claimed to be able to heal you. They just want to try to help, same as some doctors. But from what I can tell most of the doctors just want money and that's all they are about, they don't actually WANT you to feel better. Take the H1N1 vaccine they made, it's full of Mercury which wont ******' help a thing cept to make you more ill.

I think this can be a false distinction.<br />
I think you are a saying that you prefer herbal remedies from pharmaceutical ones. But both herbs and pharmaceutical products can be either harmful or beneficial. The main difference is that the pharamaceutical ones have been developed and tested, whether the herbal ones tend to be closer to their naturally occuring plant and more untested. Usually the herbalist relies on anectdotal evidence (I have given it to others and it seems to work) or traditional importance (the chinese have used it for years) rather than rigourous testing.<br />
So while I think sometimes herbs can work, in general they are more unreliable.<br />
And it would be untrue to think that herbs can't be harmful - hemlock is just one of many naturally occuring plants which are poisonous.<br />
I know that herbalist claim to do more than than conventional medical practicioners. Often a doctor won't claim to be able to cure you, whereas a herbalist will. But I don't know, I think sometimes herbalists claim more than they deliver - they THINK what they're doing is curing you, but there is not much evidence to support it... I would rather go to someone who offers a little bit of relief, but is reliable, than someone who offers to totally cure me, but offers my unproven herbs.