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I Believe In An Emotional Connection For Sure.....

They are the very weakness of humans
body, mind and soul
They can friendly, warm, loving, and content
or they can be evil, tearing you right part,
They can bring you happiness, and feelings of love,
or they can bring you nothing but pain and sorrow, heart break
Feelings and Emotions powers us in everything we do,
everything we say, express, think, our thoughts,
Sometimes we can control them,
other times we cannot, they control us,
Some struggle with them,
while others are at ease with them,
They can be our defeat, or our success,
and they can be our strength,
or the very weakness, leaving us vulunerable, open and exposed,
for all kinds of pain,
We can sometimes understand them,
other times we cannot, they are confusing,
to the point where we think we are losing our very minds,
They are the strongest force in us,
and controls us to what direction they want us to go,
Sometimes we can fight them back,
while other times we cannot,
We build temporary walls around them,
thinking we are safe and we can hide, from them,
but we can't, in time, they will crack and
break down those walls we thought were once safe,
Sometimes they can used to heal and love,
and sometimes they are used to hurt and wound
by people who want to puposely want to cause pain.
Feelings and Emotions can make us think rationally,
or make us think and feel madness,
becoming powerful and over whelming,
make us say and do things we normally would not do,
We will never ever be able to escape
Feelings and Emotions, they find us every time,
whether we want them or not,
it is what makes us human,
it is what makes us grow and learn about our selves

SassyBabe39 SassyBabe39 46-50, F 2 Responses Nov 23, 2010

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Well some days i wish i could just put them away, I live in a harsh world where feelings and emotions are hard, my husband is very emotionally disconnected, he feels they are nothing but a he does not show them to me, he can be very cold, and unaffectionate. He does show me he loves me in other ways, he sacrifuces so much for his family, so we have everything we need, he is a good man, but you can give a person everything they need in the world, the nicest house, the biggest amount of money or what ever, but if there is no feelings or emotions, then it is all empty....i feel so trapped within my self, and have learned how not to be so emotional with him, or too feeling because he does not like them is hard being with someone like that, a challenge that is for sure!!

thank of my best....<br />
it is very true though :)