Some People Are Bound To Develop A Connection...................................

with friends on here, especially if you talk often and on a daily basis. However, I DO NOT have a habit of throwing around words like "I love you",. I received an email from some jerk I don't even know, that accused me of saying those three little words, that mean so much to me, that is RIDICULOUS. I have a small circle, by choice, there are only three people who I talk to on a daily basis on here. I do feel a connection to friends on here, that is a normal thing, it's part of the human condition, However, to be accused of using such reserved words by a stranger, or perhaps it's a sociopath, which would be just my luck. I will not stop using EP, nor will I mistrust my closest friends because of some random lunatic, with a sick fixation or someone who is on my list and has made a fake account, I will make my circle smaller if necessary. For those of you who have not been added to my list, please don't take it personally, as I do not mean it that way. I have always been selective and a careful person, because I have trust issues. This is not a reflection on anyone else, it's the treason I don't get too happy with the "add" button. Another reason I like to keep my circle small is so that I can keep up on reading others stories and make a comment when I see or feel the need. This site mean a lot to me, as do the friends that I communicate with
There is one special person that I have so many things in common with (you know who you are) , and I am so glad we have crossed paths here on EP. I have found my world easier to deal with on a daily basis just because we talk a lot, and we understand each other very well. I have a husband that supports me in every way possible, and I am grateful for that. I know that so many people would give anything to have the relationship that I have been blessed with, to have someone that doesn't just tell you that they love you, but that shows you in every thing that they do!
To my husband, the man who always puts me first,,I appreciate you and I am grateful for everything that you do, and I know that you have sacrificed so much for me down through the years that we have been married, and even before we said " I DO". I could not continue on through the hand I have been dealt without you. You have always been understanding and patient with me even when, in my opinion, I didn't deserve it. You married me when I was seventeen, and you had to be not only a husband in those days, but a best friend who gave me guidance when I needed it, even though I refused to see that I did need it on several occasions. I look over those first few years and it makes really appreciate the maturity I have now, lol, I am so sorry I put you through so much. It could not have been easy for you then, and I know it's not now, though the problem now is not that I am immature, it;s knowing that you can't stand to watch me suffer, any more than I can take having to watch you battle the problems you have to deal with in a daily basis and on top of everything else. You will always have my love and support, along with my gratitude for everything, I LOVE YOU !! XD
I have one more thing to say to the sender of that email: YOU NEED HELP, I WILL FIND OUT WHO YOU ARE, AND WHEN I DO, I WILL CALL YOUR NAME OUT RIGHT HERE FOR ALL TO SEE!!! Have a nice day everyone. To my friends, I appreciate you with my whole heart.............................You now who you are.......................((HUGS))!!!
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He is way too handsome (O.k. gorgeous) to ever annoy me......

I WUV U 2. My are definitely unique in your own way........................

It is wonderful to have such a friend ;-) As for our husband, they are both precious gems and deserves awards for all they do......My dear friend, I am there with you in your courageous endeavour to stop this bullying on EP and you have my FULL support!!!! :-)

It is the same for me as good friends are rare, I am very appreciative to have such a friend as well :-).................I am so glad to have your support and I never doubted I would have it for one second...............................I thank you so much :-)

Thank you, I appreciate the fact that you understand exactly where I am coming from. I have never felt so wierded out. First, he asked me if I had a Facebook account, and if so, could he have it. I replied, telling him that I don't give out personal information, and further more, I didn't know him. Could that really have been enough to **** off some psycho enough to send me a message replying: "I am just giving you advice, don't tell someone you love them and not keep your promises"? That is just horrific. I am not leaving this site because of this. My husband also has an account on here too, a fact that I am only now divulging. He has only been here about a month, but he is ever watchful for the cee-Epers!! he knows that I don't talk to but a few people, and we keep no secrets. I will eventually find out who sent this, it's only a matter of time. You would b surprised at the "skills" that I do have, and the ones I lack, I know someone who will not fail. Thank you so much for posting. I always look forward to your comments. Have a nice evening crazzee. Again, thank you so much.

"She's got skillz...." Lol I don't know how you do it, but I've started noticing commonalities....You and Blu taught me that.....:)

I am just glad you now "know" to keep your eye on the ball, so to speak..............You have skillz.........Oh yea my friend!!!