The Emotional Connection..Is Only Half Of What Is Needed.

An emotional connection to me is that special something that allows you to connect with  a person, where you are instantly comfortable.. The words and ideas flow quickly and easily.  There is no stumbling about trying to come up with something to say.  Your on the same page, sharing the same book. Your not having to pretend to be anything, you're just very involved with the now.  The conversation flows  easily with that person and so does the laughter..  To be honest, your not really aware of the situation around you.  You are totally absorbed by the person, the topic,  the moment.  You are on top of the world.  Having that kind of a connection with the person you love, and have that person  feel the same way with you, that is the icing on the cake.  And  so now, you have to hope the next important ingredient for a long and happy relationship with that special someone is there, and that is the sexual  chemistry.  The spark of lust. For a lasting love, the sexual chemistry absolutely has to be there.  the emotional connection will not be enough...
neuilly neuilly
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2 Responses Mar 5, 2012

You mean the whole thing just drop on your lap? Not learnt / acquired? Any social books to expedite the process?

for the emotional just need the right person to come along....even toddlers can connect at an emotional is just matching personalities.

i see. i just can't go beyond dogs and toddlers.

i agree with your observation concerning lust..i think people over react to the word.. and in a realtionnship...lust/desire is appropriate and needed.