I Thought It Was An Emotional Connection...,it Was Bulls**t

Where do I begin? I met a handsome man in a college class I was taking as a pre req for my bachelors degree. Immediately this guy stated giving me compliments on my clothes, my looks, my personality etc.... A little background about me: I'm young and completely inexperienced. Im 26 years old and have only had one relationship. Anyway this guy became the perfect man. I was amazed at how much he believed in my values and shared a lot of my beliefs about life intimacy etc...

Besides always being together studying for school, we started hanging out. He told me things that made me believe god actually molded this other human being specifically for me; he was the " perfect man." little did I know.... To make a long story short almost a year later we remained close; I'm in a better financial situation than he is so I always picked up the tab on everything. I have very conservative beliefs on sexual relationships; and honestly thought that one day I could see myself being with this man. According to him he felt the same way....

Anyway, he was having issues with his cell phone carrier, I agreed to put his line on my account. He had studying to do so I offered to take his old phone and get him a new one on my account. I'm at Verizon and Im thinking that I should forward his text messages do he doesn't lose any important information he might need. I go into the text messages, and boy was I in for a surprise!! The guy is sleeping with at least 6 women at the same time presently; and those were graphic detailed nasty sext messages he had going on.

Besides feeling disgusted, I changed the phone out and left the text messages alone; I don't have a problem with the way other people live their lives and the choices they make; but I'm upset that he lied to me. The only logical explanation I have is that he's been using me!! Thank god it hasnt really affected me!! My problem is I want to confront him on it and don't know how any suggestions?
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2 Responses May 10, 2012

Just thank God you learned about him and leave him alone and get away from him. He is not worth the time and energy you would waste in any further communication with him. Karma is a b*tch eh? Glad you're not with him any more ... whew!

Yea he's a ****** person...master manipulator

never mind, I finally read to the end where they are listed, thanks.