An Emotional Connection

one day as i was out of a class; i could see searching eyes looking at me . as i moved near that person; i found her to be sad; lifeless; dejected. the tears were fresh.
i questioned her 'why was she staring with expectation from me'
she said 'she has lost her self esteem and felt i would help her''
i said 'you can regain it'
she asked 'how?
i said 'no matter how much you feel sad; depressed; rejected; dejected and suppressed. you need to thank the unknown for giving you power of belief. Believe you will recover from the present situation. Believe you will win. Believe you will move ahead and you will again get the zeal to get focused'
her eyes still stared at me
i said 'and if you keep staring at me; your heart will have an emotional connection to my heart'
she said 'it is not possible'
i said 'it is got connected'
she said 'how?'
i gave her a rose and said 'do remember this moment in your life and move ahead well in life'
she asked 'will you remain in touch with me?'
i said 'life is like an airport or railway platform or bus stand where many touch your heart and mind and again move on in their journey but you remain where you are so i too am a platform'
she said 'so you wont be in touch with me?'
i said 'i will as long as you remain in touch with me'

so dear friends touch heart of people who matter to you and if you wish to get more friends; do try to remain in their hearts too as i believe there is space in your heart to accomodate soul like me :)

giftafamily giftafamily
May 19, 2012