Connect 4...

I always feel that at any minute my emotions could run away with me. If I am talking to someone who seems to light up my World with one word, one smile, one look.........I could feed off that for ages. But what is a look, a word, a smile, with no emotion? Empty and devoid of sentiment.

I think the emotional connection is far more important than the physical one. When people connect on an emotional level, they become more in tune with the others wants and needs, their desires and what they want out of life. This connection can be built upon, it evolves, it grows as the relationship grows, underpinning everything that two people share.

I consider myself to be quite an emotional person at times, but I try to keep them in check. As with anyone, there are times when they can just get the better of you and you need that someone who understands you emotionally to help you get through it. I have a few people in my life that connect with me on a deeper emotional level. I tend to see emotional connections in four ways:

You have that one of, lustful, physically connection that stirs up emotions but never really goes further.

Then you have the light emotional connection....those aquiantances that you say hey to, you might share a little but the connection is weak.

Thirdly, a mid level connection- someone who is a closer friend, you connect well and have fun with them, a buddy who has fun with you and laughs with you, that you may have a slightly stronger level of connection with.

And lastly, deeper emotional connection people. Those people you can bare your soul to without judgement, they understand what makes you tick. They can almost pre-empt what you are thinking and can read your emotions better than you can sometimes.

Such people are vital to my life and I can safely say that I have some of these people around me. One of which is my anchor, he keeps me grounded, calms me down, and knows my mind better than I know it myself. He is my closest friend, and it is with him I have the strongest emotional connection. I don't have to explain myself, he just knows. And he tells me the words that are in my head. He supports me in anything and I sincerely thank him for that.

So, connect 4. My own personal opinion, others may disagree. Why don't you play sometime? You might recognise the people I described. Or I might just be crazy with my view of the World, who knows?
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1 Response Sep 27, 2012

Great story. I tend to agree. Its rare to find someone like that :) but great when you actually do find them