A Friend Or A Boy?

So like a month ago my friend told me about this guy that she wanted to hook me up with. She us really good at playing match maker. Well that guy is her best guy friend. Who she has a HUGE crush on. So she wasn't so sure if she wanted to go through with hooking us up or not. I told her do what ever she felt comfortable with. She finally said she was gunna try and hook us up after all because she that she was just all ways gonna be stuck in the friend zone with him. So she mentioned to him that she had a friend (me) that she wanted to introduce to him. And to get us together. But he instantly said no he wasn't looking for a relationship. Which was cool. I mean I wasn't really either :) but I did find him attractive. So then yesterday my friend invited about ten ppl to her bday partty. It was just a little get together:) and he was there.. so that's when I met him. He was really nice. Him and my friend (then one that likes him and the one that tried to set us up.) Hung out mostly together. But me and him dis talk. And I can tell when a guy likes me.. and It seems like he did.. we were kinda flirting. :) I started to like him. But didn't say anything because I knew it would kill her.. so after the party hlthe next day he texted her saying was that the girl u tried to set ne up with? And she said yes. The he said " what the hell! She's hot! Yeah so my friend told me this.. I switched the subject fast. I knew it was killing her inside. Because after the party u spent the night and he was all she talked about. And now I don't know what to do. Because I know I'm gonna start really likening him. But she is like a best friend to me.. and I don't wanna hurt her. Burt my feelings get the best of me everytime especially about a boy..
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Weird. Just tell her. If she wants him you will stay away. She will lie but you know she wants him.

if it happened to you, how would you feel? make your decision based on that. #Goodluck