How Far Can Just One Little "spark" Take You....

There are many people that you meet in life...or even come across unexpectedly that may change your life forever...or atleast for a short time. You most likely will never forget those people. These are those that you find an emotional connection with.

Many people may not believe in this but I absolutely do. I have had emotional connections with many people...most being members of my family or close friends but the rare aspect of this idea is that you find someone online that you have never met and have no idea where they are on the other end...and just by chatting with them through emails you may began to feel this "emotional connection"...but you never know until you explore what is to come.

I think that the internet is a wonderful way of meeting people and many relationships that have developed through the online community have been successful. There are many people out there that just don't know where to turn when it comes to meeting someone that they can relate to, share their thoughts and desires with..or even just have a binding friendship with. It's all about the emotional connection that is so powerful....that is when you will know.

Although..there are the downsides. As i'm sure a lot of you may have unfortunately experienced. Some of these people aren't close to who they say they are. Please just keep your heart close to you and try not to be misled...until you know that you can honestly know who you might be possible falling in love, building a friendship with or having that "emotional connection" with.

Overall, It's amazing to find that person that you connect with and have that "spark" with whether it's online or someone that you already know...just don't miss out on something that might have been amazing down the road!

Just love yourself and trust your instincts. Regardless of what can never look back and say that you never tried or missed out on something!

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So true!

Great story :-)

so very wise and emotional in it self it sound like alot of this has happin to you.