Totally In Love

ok this is my story.. my marraige was bad for a long long time and then i went on Ashley Madison..not really sure what i was looking for..then i met boyfriend..we spent 6 months just talking on the phone..i was not comfortable meeting..then something happened with husband that was bad..and boyfriend was there for me..i mean really there for me..and i thought why am i not meeting this person who care so much about me? we met a few days later and it was..there are no words..he told me he loved me a month later...he told me up front that he was not going to leave his wife..i excepted that straight off.. he never says a bad thing about her..i know that i share him..sometimes it is easy and i will not lie sometimes it is unbearable..he deos not say that they do nt have sex..he is there fr me in every way you can imagine..both our families have actually hung out together..i can not walk away.. the sex is amazing..after 9 months i still get the butterflies and can not sleep the night before i am gonna seee him..i would rather have a peice of him then not havee him at all.. suffering and all..although i could walk away and break my own heart i soo do not want to..i know that one day this will end i will get very hurt and my heart broken.. and it will be all my fault..i am am going to enjoy it while i can....
bugsxoxoxo bugsxoxoxo
41-45, F
Jan 11, 2013