Written By A Friend

So, I guess it would excite you if I walked right straight at you staring into your eyes, and then grabbed your hands and kept them at your side, and then slowly came straight on and put a light kiss on your lips and then backed away a little to see your reaction.
I would tell you to keep your arms at your side and don't move them or I'll stop. Then I’d take your head in my hands, with my thumbs on the side of your face with my fingers going up behind your ears so that your neck was in my hands and my fingers touching behind the back of your head and then came in closer for another kiss. Slightly turning your head and then being a little more forceful with my mouth on yours, and having our lips together, where we are breathing each other in deep, and hearts racing, and the tip of my tongue has not even entered your mouth yet. Would you'd be able to keep your hands down by your side?
You would probably try to move your hands, but then I'd stop right there. I'm true to my word, and I'm determined to tease you. Would you still risk it to test if I'm bluffing?
Well, if you can keep your hands down, then I can continue with entering your body through your open mouth with the tip of my tongue, after tracing your lips with it ever so slowly. As my tongue enters your body it reaches your tongue and I caress it with mine. Then taking my tongue and curling it upward until it touched the tip of your mouth I'd pull back a little so that it hit and pulled your top teeth back to me. I'd have to then turn your head to the side more while holding it in my hands and seal my lips totally on yours and breathe in deeply, momentarily taking in yours exhaling gasps of excitement.
I'd then have the desire to once again attack your tongue with mine and tease you a little by putting our tongues together and then playfully pulling back as you try and enter my mouth. After a moment, I would move a little lower and come in and kiss your lips and suck in your bottom lip and bite down gently and scrape the inside of your bottom lip with my top teeth as I pull away. I would look into your eyes and I would grin to see what your reaction was.
Seeing your reaction, I see that you are yearning for more, I tilt your head to the side and start putting light kisses starting from just above your shoulder on up your neck to behind your ear, and go back down a little and move over so that I could take your earlobe into my mouth and gently bite on it and pull. Afterward I then whisper into your ear asking if you are enjoying yourself, and then quickly putting my mouth on yours and not allowing you to answer, and slipping my tongue back into your mouth for a long sensuous kiss.
As I was kissing you like that for a little while I then turn your head to the other side and started kissing and nibbling up the side of your neck again while holding you and once again taking that earlobe into my mouth and biting a little harder, and sucking it into my mouth and pulling it back out holding it between my lips so that it pulled outward and snapped back. Then again whisper into your ear that you can now move your hands, however, you can only move them to play with yourself. You are not allowed to touch me at all. Would you be able to do it?
Then please feel free to touch yourself like only you know how while I lay you back on the bed so that both of us are comfortable, and allow me to get back to attacking you with my lips on yours. I lie next to you and lay your head down so that my head is above yours and my arm is at my side in order for you to have access to your sex in order to get yourself off. I'd lean back in and once again tenderly kiss your lips so that you knew that I was happy with how everything was going.
I bring my hand up and grab the bottom of your jaw and open your mouth to accept mine and hold your mouth to mine while we are breathing the same air and having our tongues exploring each others mouths. While I’m getting more and more excited that longer we go and you’re be able to tell by my breathing and the urgency of my kissing.
Would you be able to deal with me not touching your body, but just continuing the assault of kisses to your sweet lips? Would you be able to get yourself off with just me doing that to you?

The friend that wrote this, doesn't post his stories, as to not offend anyone. Please give honest feedback on his stories that I will be posting!
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5 Responses Feb 3, 2013

I read this story and the link that you posted for the Hugs story. To me, there is nothing more erotic than a long, sensuous kiss. Even if it does not lead to anything further, the joy of sharing a drawn out kiss - with smaller kisses in between - would be enough to drive me crazy. Excellently written! Bravo to the author :)

Brilliant! The detail and length of this arousing play has me sitting here with my mouth open, awaiting those kisses....mmmmm.

Great story! He shouldn't be worried about what anyone thinks but himself. Tell him to write and post'm! :-)

I liked it, it has plenty of detail and it holds the reader.

Got my attention :D

I enjoy a good tease