Written By. Friend ( Second Story)

Oh, so the little lady likes the beach! Well, time to flip that around and we would go out to dinner to a nice restaurant that overlooks the ocean, as the sun sets in the back so that the reflection of the sun setting is hitting the waves as the crash out on the surf. It would be an outside table because that way you get the great smell of the salt air. It is also in the middle of summer, so there is no chill in the air, and just my staring at you would get you hot with anticipation.
So while eating dinner and enjoying our foot, I would really pour on the charm about how much I really like your smile and that your eyes light up the room when I look at you. You also look ******* fantastic in your outfit tonight. and all your working out is paying off in a big way because my heart is now beating faster, and I'm not even touching you.... yet.
So, then you would like it as it starts to get darker and the waiter comes over to light the candle as we finish our dinner and decide on desert. I ask you, “What kind of desert do you like my dear?” You respond with either cheesecake or a sundae.
Oh, well, freshly made cheesecake with caramel dribbled on top, which is my favorite also... we'll share a piece so that we don't get too full. As we're waiting, I'd playfully touch your leg, and tease you by saying little hints of what I want to do to you when we get back... but first, we would need to take a walk on the beach and have the waves come up to our feet as we walk. Then the cheesecake comes and I immediately ask for the check, because I don't want to waste any time, just sitting here as the full moon is rising, and that makes it really special at the water’s edge.
We finish the cheesecake just as the waiter comes with the bill and I just hand over the card, and we get ready to go. We stop by the car so that we can throw our shoes in the back and I can grab a blanket and a towel and we head up to the beach, over the little sand dune and start walking along the beach and playfully pushing each other back and forth. Kind of like a mating dance that has happened for years and years to couples in the past.
As we walk up the beach, there is nobody up ahead and I grab your hand and pull you closer and put my arm around you. You cuddle under my arm and put your arms around my waist. I stop for a moment and kiss you tenderly on the lips and watch that smile appear in the moonlight. We start walking again, so that we know that we are alone, as if stranded on a desert island and nobody is there to interrupt us.
As we find a nice secluded spot where we can walk up the beach a little to put the blanket down, I turn to you again and grasp your waist in front of me with my hands on each side of you, I lean in and give you a nice soft kiss, and then pull back and ask you if this is what you wanted on our first date?
You respond with, “I can't stop smiling, I love this!!! This is making me so horny, keep going!”
Ok, well since you like it, and like being on the beach with me, let me lay out the blanket. I then, dive down onto the blanket, and pull you down with me. You come crashing down with a squeal, and then push yourself up on your arms and then just stare at me. You're thinking that this can't be happening to you, and yes, Britney, it actually is. We playfully wrestle around a little until I pin you on your back and you shake nervously not knowing what I'm going to do next and you wait in anticipation not wanting to ruin anything. I come down and put my lips to yours again, and kiss you and open my mouth a little and trace the tip of my tongue onto your lips and trace around your whole mouth. You open your mouth wider to accept my tongue because you are getting more excited and you are not used to waiting like this. I can see the lust in your eyes, and so, I decide to play a little.
I get up and you sit up wondering if you have done anything wrong, and I let you know that you are perfect, and that I just want to cuddle a little and look out over the ocean with the moonlight reflecting over the waves, and we hear them crashing down. As you sit facing the waves, I come up behind you and put my legs around you and sit behind you and pull you back into my chest so that our legs are next to each other and my arms are around your chest and your arms are intertwined with mine as our hands come together.
Now that I have you all wrapped up, you can't see what I'm going to do next and you just sit and wonder what I'm thinking... then you feel my hot breath on the back of your neck, and you are dying in anticipation of my kiss and my lips on your neck. Then you are relieved to feel them gently kiss the side of your neck and your hairs stand up on end... this is the most excited that you've ever been and you can't believe that this could actually happen to you, and that you can feel this way with a man.
I keep your hands in mine and I can feel your heart beating faster and i know that I'm getting to you, and wondering how much further I can push you before you ****** just by my kissing you. I start nibbling on your neck, and turn your head to the side so that I can slip your ear lobe into my mouth and gently bite down on it. Then I'd playfully ask you in a nice soft deep voice... "so Britney, are you getting a little warm, and could it possibly be anything that I'm doing to you?" and with an extreme exhale, you let me know that .........
Yes I'm getting so hot because you're amazing and you know all the right things to do to me :))
Gooooood..... then I would just squeeze a little tighter and then turn your head to the side and then kiss you full on the lips and let you feel my passion for you so that you know you are not alone with what you are feeling. I open my mouth a little wider as we kiss, and our tongues start to play with each other. You now feel a little more confident that you can now try to impress me with your kissing skills.... and you do. Things start escalating with the passion of just kissing and you are starting to get a little impatient that you want to feel touched sexually, your nipple are so hard now that they are starting to ache for me to touch them. Your sex is starting to really flow between your legs. You never knew that kissing could get you so hot, but then again, you have never kissed me before and felt the energy spewing out of me and directed at you.
I'd then unravel my arms from you and grab your hands and put them on the outside of my muscular thighs that could crush you between them if that is what I wanted. This would then leave your stomach and chest open for whatever I wanted to do with them. I would then slip my strong hands under the front of your shirt and just gently dig my fingers into your stomach, and then flatten them out again so that you feel the heat from my hands radiate into the core of your body. As I slowly move my hands up your body, I'm once again kissing the side of your neck and your head is bent back as you look at the full moon. Your nipples can't stand being along and are so longing for my touch, that you are ready to ask me to fondle your breasts and to squeeze your nipples to give them some relief. Since we went out to dinner, you wore a bra, although you are wishing now that you had not in order to give my hands more access to your wonderful breasts. However, someone like me is not afraid to go under the bra and slip it to the top of your breasts in order to put my hands exactly where you want them. As I push your bra up, I put my hands back down onto your belly and then slowly caress my way up between your breasts and then take my fingers and trace my way back down the middle and under them to the outside with the lightest touch and that drives you wild with passion. You are ready to just throw me down in the sand and rip of my pants and thrust yourself on top of me.. but you don't want to push it... you know you like me having control and you are not used to that, and you don't want to ruin a perfect night by being impatient. So, you willingly allow me to "play" with you
I then get a little more aggressive because I want you to know that I am very interested in having you tonight, so I then cup your breasts in each hand and slowly tighten so that my thumb and forefingers are now surrounding your nipples and I start to apply pressure and manipulate them between my fingers. That plus my kissing you on the next is shooting lightning bolts straight down your spine and deep into your sex and you shudder under my manipulations for your first ****** of the night, and you body goes slightly limp. Once again you can't believe that this is actually happening to you, Britney, and you never want this feeling to end. I feel you shudder and I come back to your ear and whisper again... "Britney, how are you doing"?.....
You respond with “I'm doing excellent, your touch is perfect.”
I'll continue on the beach with you as you start gripping my legs and clawing at them and trying to pull me into you as you so deeply want. I ask you if you would like me to continue and you gasp ....yes... and so I start moving slowly down.. down your breasts, down your stomach, and stop at the top of your pants. I feel you breathe in so that I can slip my fingers under your pants and relieve the pressure of your top button, but I just continue down. Down to the outside of your hips.. down to the outside of your thighs and then to the outside of your knees. I then take both my hands and cross over to the inside of your knees and slip my fingers behind your knees and pull you up into a ball, into my chest as my biceps squeeze your arms against your aching breasts and you feel totally consumed within me and my body. You can also feel my hardness pushing against your back and you feel good that you can do that to me, and that this is not just one sided.
As I release you from my great big encompassing bear hug, we start to stretch back out and my hands now start traveling up the inside of your thighs, and you feel the power in my hands as they press against the inside while my legs are surrounding you on the outside. I travel up the inside of your thighs, until I reach your sex, and your heat, and your wetness that you can't control anymore. and I pull up harder, so that the pressure of the top of my forefingers are pulling directly on your **** which is engorged with blood and so excited and you let out a brief moan letting me know that I just hit the spot that will make you explode right her on the beach with the best ****** that you have ever had. I continue to rub the outside of your ***** with my hands and massage all parts through your pants and you've never ever felt like this before and although you have dry humped yourself to ******.... this one is mind blowing, because I know exactly what I am doing, and I know exactly where to touch you to take you to the next level..... right here... right now.. .out in the open under the full moon.... and you don't give a **** if people are all around watching.... it feels way too good for you to stop, and you want the world to know that you are shaking uncontrollably in my arms with my with my hand working their magic, my arms wrapped around you tightly, and my mouth continuing it's assault on your neck and ears with tiny bites and gentle sucking that won't leave a physical mark, but will be embedded in your mind for the rest of your life.

This was written by a friend that doesn't post his stories. I think they are wonderful stories. Please give your honest feedback on them! Warm hugs and kisses. Muwah Me
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2 Responses Feb 3, 2013

The arousal is in the detail. I want a night like that!

Very good, it holds you with plenty of detail. I liked it.