The Connection of Souls

It is something that only we can explain and it is different for each one of us. It comes into our lives without expecting and once it is there, it stays. It is a feeling that invades our minds, hearts and souls. It makes us to have so much fondness for someone by feeling this mysterious connection, as if it is a piece of a book’s rope that unites all the pages of a life. No matter where we are, the bond is there, it is something that fastens us to this being in the form of communion of souls, like fine syntony in our days without knowing the reason.

It is like the waves that take us to the presence of this feeling in a tender form, a present enchantment in our lives that makes us to stay connected and with a diligence longing to know what they might be doing and feeling. Thoughts take place and we wonder if an embrace or a kiss is needed to take them away from the loneliness or to bring happiness in the vastness of this world.

It is a connection that each day, every time we want to feel and to tell how much they are important for us, no matter if it is this internet screen or in a real life.

I have realized that if we feel this kind of bond, we should appreciate every moment and let them feel all the care in form of a spirit's connection and a strong embrace that comes from our hearts. And let them feel not only our peace, but also our love.  Once a real connection is crossed, it can never be broken, it stays forever.


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12 Responses Sep 15, 2009

Very well said!!

So very true!

Yes.. I have had that feeling with some people.. like we were meant to know each other....<br />
But will always wonder if they felt the same way

A beautiful truth, beautifly expressed. <br />
<br />

The connection of two souls cannot be broken even when you are oceans apart...<br />
It is so powerful...<br />
It is inexplicable...<br />
It is painful, yet addicting and beautiful...<br />
It changes you...<br />
It makes you dream...<br />
and it makes you believe in things you never thought possible...<br />
<br />
I found soulmate and I am thankful for she's a blessing...<br />
<br />
Thanks for posting this.

Wow! You do have a way with the words! <br />
<br />
My baby and I talked about this yesterday over dinner. Every day is like the very first day. It's brand new all over again. And again. And again... Every touch, every whispered "I love you" are like the first time. Lying next to each other, looking into the windows of each others soul, never having to say a word, yet - as you so eloquently put it - engaged in a communion that transcends what words can describe. We call it the "dance of our souls" - our souls leap for joy when the other comes into proximity and they fly to each other and embrace, then slowly at first, they begin their intimate intertwining. Round and round. Closer and closer. Merging and re-emerging. The boundaries become indistinguishable and then we are one. Forever in a tether-bond that has knit our hearts and souls together.

Hear, hear. and i certainly know. The connection never goes and wants to get stronger.

I have a friend --we have kept in touch for maybe seven years or more---I don't have words for this relationship---we are not lovers. We are very dear to each other and we have never met except online. I think these relationships enrich our lives.

Thank you for this, beautifully put. We are often afraid of these connections because we are concerned that we will somehow be compromised by them, when really they are a wonderful opportunity to enrich our lives and experience true growth.

Could not have said it any better,exactly true..xo<br />
Exquisitely written!

sounds good to me Tendereyes, sounds real good. You have something really special. wish I had some of that right about now.

Princess, I always find your words breathtaking. This is exactly how a connection like this is. A lovely and tender story..<br />
many hugs to you..