Fate Or Coincidence?

Do you ever wonder if the people in your life such as your friends and family are by-products of mere coincidence or is it much more complicated than that?  Was our birth to our parents predestined in the ethereal?  Does fate have a hand in who you become friends with or who you date?  I can't help to ponder if my best friend didn't run up to me in the playground to say hi to me when I was 8 years old, we would have never been friends  because I was so shy.  She came right up to me and put her arms around my shoulders as if we've been best friends for all of eternity.  This was 24 years ago. 


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5 Responses Sep 16, 2009

The book soul contracts by linda baker is compelling on this subject

Coincidences are not as coincidental as they seem.

There's always something to learn in each and every experience.

I believe there is a reason.

I believe life is like a ripple in a pond we all effect each other and everything happens for a reason.we may know some people a day some for yrs.but I think souls pick more or less who they go to.(Like r kids)