I Have Seen Cherubs Near Me With Photo's.

My home has been taken over by evil demons and entities.  A picture was taken of a demon reaching out to me and a beautiful Angel grabbing his arm to stop it.  Needless to say I have left my place and now am staying at my daughters many miles away.  I had a problem with one of the demons following me, which I have a picture of.  I now have a picture as clear as day of 3 cherubs at my daughters, two girls and a boy.  I'm sure more Angels are with me.  I will never again wonder if there is protection when ever I'm in need!!!

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Sounds pretty weird and creepy! Never had that experience before. I don't know if some of your methods will work as they don't always but I guess if you believe it strongly it should work - meaning, that your faith is probably the key to overcoming the demon problem. I guess calling for Jesus would be a good idea as he is meant to be able to help out in any situation. I am not a Christian but I think Jesus is pretty cool. You could probably also call on the Archangels, like Archangel Michael for example.

Thanks, Aydasha5. I have many Angels protecting me. Thanks for your love.

I see... so I'm going to safely assume that you've dealt with these things before? You seem pretty familiar with everything and rather well rounded on the subject. I do hope that they leave you alone and let you have peace. I'm sure the cherubs will protect you though :).

PS If you scroll down on my blog you'll see a cherub in the background. The other is to the right of the tv. It's easy to 1st see the arm reaching out. The boy is in a dark area and hard to identify unless you have a 3rd "eye".

I do have Holy Water and rosary. I keep them near me.

I would love to see your pictures! I read somewhere that if we could see all the demons actively, they would cover the sun.<br />
Yes, stay clear of that occult stuff and if you are afraid at all, Keep saying Jesus I adore you and love you. Hail Virgin Queen of heaven protect me. If you have holy water sprinkle it around the house. Go to the church and they will give you a bottle.

I do not know who they are. It's a common occurance of dealing with them through out your life/s when there's been experience of the occult. I believe it all started with a prior life and getting drawn into it again.

Did you ever find out who the demons were and what they were doing there or why one of them were following you?