I Do Believe In Angelmagic

I have met the most wonderful person here on EP. She is a very gentle soul, who is kind and sweet. My Angel is someone I believe in with my whole heart and soul.

I believe she can do whatever she wants, be who ever she wants to be, and she is someone I am sure will grow to be a most wonderful and amazing woman. So I support AngelMagic she is very very special to me. I look forward to sharing some of this magical journey with her.

I love you Angel - Dad

SantanaRex SantanaRex
46-50, M
5 Responses Feb 17, 2009

I miss my dad.

no problem - your getting there - I will be so happy when ya join!

I will always believe in my Angel - I couldn't ask for a better daughter and glad to count her as part of the family!

I guess I couldn't agree more withSantaRex, I am starting to believe in angels as well.

awe this is very sweet!