Although Not In The Way Most See Them....

I believe in Angels and Demons, although not in the same way that most see them.

They are the same creature. They are brethen and, like humans, have the ability to become good or evil. The good can do evil and the evil can do good. There are beautiful demons, ugly demons, beautiful angels, and ugly angels. Some can change their forms, some can't. There are different levels, different powers.

I know this because the demonkin like me. I have been followed by one that I call a "Cold Creature" for a long time. It follows me and resides in my bedroom, making it about 10 degrees colder than it should be because it knows I like the cold. I have seen him and I know the markings for his name and I know that he is a demon but I'm fine with it. He and I are allies, friends even. He is not the only one I have seen, nor is he the only one that will follow me as Iwalk through life.
Xirena Xirena
18-21, F
1 Response Oct 19, 2011

you are one of the few lucky to understand the truth