They Are Real

while staying at the hospital last year , I had a strange occurrence when a prayer group was praying for me.
I believe spirits and demons are real. they are there to drag us down and destroy... thats their job.
i will not recount for i simply dont have the words to express what happened nor am i able to explain how it happened.
The negativity, the depression the loneliness , the hurt that i hold on to has been very hard for me to let go of. but I know that i cannot do it by myself. I need the help of God.
I had drifted away from God before my infection  but the sickness brought me to tears and to my knees pleading for Gods help.. had it not been for TB . I probably would have gone through life thinking I controlled my own destiny and that i was my own God.
After I came out of the hospital.. I once again forgot about God and continued living life with out him.. oh how quickly we forget....
on the 1st December I suddenly was injured while jogging .... this time i wouldnt be able to pain and not knowing what to do, I again turned to God.
Things happen for a reason... sometimes We are given second chances but then other times its too late.
luvdrunk luvdrunk 26-30, F 2 Responses Dec 22, 2011

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Its never too late to turn to God

I believe that as long as we are willing to ask, He is willing to forgive........I also believe that as long as we believe in Him, He never abandons us....I don't believe we have to congregate at a certain place such as a church house to have a good spiritual relationship with God, as long as you are trying to live right, and doing your best..You can pray, and talk to Him from any where........