They Are Everywhere

You have to believe in them to see them, but even if you do not believe they help you everyday. I have had a complete stranger just calmly reach over and pluck my (at the time 2yr old) son up as he was running by as if she were waiting for him, stopping him from running right in front of a bus, she did not even LOOK for him just reached her arm out and plucked him up, redirected him, then boarded another bus before I could even say thank you. Or the woman behind you in line who says how are you? when you REALLY need ANYBODY to care how you are. Or the child who tells a burn victim how FANCY their legs are because of the pretty patterns on them, I could go on and on for my own experiences are vast, I want to see and believe in them and so there they are.
noisycricket noisycricket
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I believe in your kind of angels, too.

Thank you so much for sharing your story noisycricket! :) <br />
So wonderful how your son was saved!!! This kind of serendipity is grace=Angels.<br />
I can very much appreciate that feeling bc my daughter was unharmed after accidents, so i am sure Angels were around her protencting her :))<br />
<br />
~I just watched a nature program of very dedicated marine biologists and vets at the California coasts, operating and saving three types of sea mammals, seals, and two similar ones (can't recall the exact names)<br />
the animals themselves are like angels and so are the folks and so many volunteers who help!<br />
<br />
Regarding people ; it's true some people just seem to possess the heart and unconditional love we ascribe to Angels. and maybe some are really Angles. ~ I believe in both kinds.