Yes, Angels Do Exist!

A couple of days ago I met a woman who had told me about her "strange" experience.
She's about 65 years old and a few years back she had cancer, went through chemotherapy. About six months after the chemo she went with a small group from her Church on a trip to Medjugorje in Bosnia. Legend has it, that there were sightings of Mary, the Holy Mother of Jesus on a mountain and there is a famous Sanctuary there. Pilgrims can climb the mountain where Mary appeared and pray there. The road to the top of the mountain is steep and rocky. It just happened that the woman and six other people in her group were climbing there in the middle of the night, pretty much in total darkness. She was very weak after the chemo and half way through she started to loose her breath and almost fainted. She thought she won't be able to go any higher and she was afraid to stay where she was because it was too dark - and the people from her group would not be able to find her on their way back! Needless to say, she was really scared and felt awfully helpless...She sat on a rock for a while trying to catch a breath. All of a sudden a young man came up to her. He said to her in Polish (her whole group was from Poland) that he noticed her being very weak and having problems breathing and offered to help. She agreed. He put his hand under her arm and slowly they made it all the way to the top of the mountain. There were quite a few people up there: praying, walking, sitting, thinking... The young man let go of her arm. She thanked him, but he said he's going to take her down as well, just in case... She said: "Oh, my dear boy, it's so dark here and there are so many people - I don't think you will be able to find me." But he replied: "No problem, I will find you... I can see you!" And he left... She knelt and wanted to calm herself down and start praying, but suddenly she realized that... she already IS calm! She has no problems breathing anymore, she's not tired at all... in fact, she feels unusually good!
When her group was getting ready to go down, the young man came to her again and accompanied her all the way down the hill to the parking lot where their bus stood. She got on the bus along with the rest of her group. After a while the woman looked around the people on the bus and  realized that a) there are only seven of them on-board and b) they are all elderly people! A little confused, she asked their priest-guide about the young man who was with her earlier, but the priest replied in surprise: "What young man are you talking about? There were only the seven of us! I haven't seen any young men near us at all..."
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thank you! beautiful and comforting post. My husband passed away last month and these type of stories mean a lot to me. thanks again, M

I just enjoy miracle stories. Soon, I will post a few of my own. <br />
Thanks!<br />
God bless