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When a Human creates something that they can believe in, and realy has faith in that being...It is created in a huge pool of energy, Because all thoughts are made of energy, and everthing is made of energy (even atoms) So when a Human truely believes in something it then exists in this energy source...This is the God that exists.And We can have a sense of this because it is so strong, anyone can sense it, and because it is made up of so many different religions, and believes...It is also very confusing.Into this energy is drawn all knowledge of the universe, and this is how inventions and plans are created, People can without realising tap into the energy source and pull out knowledge this is how we evolve. This source is sooo powerfull that it emits life itself, and therefore creates tensional pulls that maninfest other planes of existance (or the spiritual plane) the energy source is all around us.And because no one understands it we name it God. Because it is everything, other people have other reasons of what it wants them to believe, and therefore religious tension is born.This source can change its form to become humanoid, angelic, or simple energy...This way we can see it on a higher frequency with little difficulty...Its hard to explain... :D
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everyone please read this PLEASE JUST HEAR ME OUT. I want to share with you the story of how Jesus Christ saved my life in such a way that it shows his glory so much and that The Bible - The Living Word of God is true. id like to share what He did for me to you in hopes that you will believe in Him and understand that it is Him who came and died on the cross for you and loves you more than you could ever imagine.. so.. here we go.. ( please listen to the whole story even tho the beginning may seem a little weird ) i was on anti depressants for a lil while and i had been to doctor after doctor trying to figure out why i was having these crazy symptoms but things just kept getting worse at the time i didnt know i had lymes disease and some other things that were wrong and how serious they could be, i got to the point where i was so fed up. i started looking up ways on the computer to try and find a way to make it easy to do something to myself.. i bookmarked a few things on the computer and my mom found out. then, she invited 2 members of a christian church to come over. the 3 of them were in my living room and prayed to Jesus for a revelation to take place ( a revealing from God ) later that same night this is what happened.. i was in my laundry room and i started talking to Jesus i said God "im telling you im going to kill myself, if i do will i go to a bad place?" right after i had said this i turned to my right and looked at my washing machine. the door was usually always closed but not on this night and because it wasnt closed i saw a sticker that had a picture of fire on it and it read warning.. i was obviously pretty shocked.. i had just asked that question and then i saw that.. i got scared and at this point i was basically looking for God to tell me that it was ok to take myself out ( i asked that question to God in my head, i say that for a reason ) then, ( in my head ) i said to God "please make it clearer to me if i take myself out will i go to a bad place?" right after i said that i turned to my right and my nephews hoodie was usually always in his room not on this night, i turned and looked at it and on it was a picture of Jesus on the cross and it read i love you this much, it was just so amazing but i wanted out so bad i was going through alot, then the last tme i asked ( i said this out loud ) i said " God please make it clearer to me if i take myself out will i go to a bad place?" right after that i turned around and looked at my calendar from church, on it was sc<x>ripture that seemed to be an answer to my question. the question was if i do will i go to a bad place and the sc<x>ripture read No, the word is very near you and in your heart for you to observe, so i was like oh that may be God telling me that it is ok to end it and that i will be ok. ( remember i had asked that last question out loud ill explain that in a min ) so i had pretty much convinced myself enough that i was prob going to do somethig to myself. the next morning my mom found out and she said brandon did you look up in The Bible the chapter with that sc<x>ripture in it? ( she wasnt even sure what it was going to say ) i said no, she said well you should. out of all the hundreds of pages in The Bible she turns to the chapter called the offer of life and death and in that chapter Jesus says choose life. ever since then ive known what other people had been trying to tell me was true, that The Bible is ALL true and that it is The Living Word of God not written by man alone, it is actually written by God but man was used to write it, and His Word says that all have fallen short of the glory of God and have sinned. that is why God did what we could not do for ourselves, in The Bible He says that He sent His one and only Son into the world to die for our sins so that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. see the devil is decieving and will try and lie to us by telling us that The Word of God is not true and that Jesus is not the only one that can save us and other non sense, i believe when i asked God to make it clearer and asked this out loud that the devil heard and was trying to get me but God turned it around for the good. the demons cant read our thoughts but they can hear if theyre around and they try to whisper lies into our heads. ok so since we have all sinned we need Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of our lives. God says we must be born again to enter the kingdom of God. the way that we are born again is by acknowledging and confessing to God that we know we are sinners and have sinned against Him, that we beleive that Jesus died on the cross to pay the penalty for our sins and that we are sorry and want Him to come into our hearts and be our Lord and Savior. " That if you confes with your mouth, ' Jesus is Lord, ' and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved." - Romans 10:9-10. then we must repent - be sorry and turn from our sins and follow The Lord. if you believe this and want to be saved and want Jesus to come into your heart and be your Lord and Savior you can pray something like this to The Lord... " God, i know that i have done wrong : that i am a sinner and not worthy of eternal life. however, i believe that You love me and sent Your Son, Jesus, to die on the cross to pay the penalty for my sin, and to rise from the dead to give me eternal life. i receive this Gift by faith and transfer my trust from my own goodness, resting in the righteousness of Christ and His redeeming work on the cross. Jesus, be my Lord and Savior. Give me strength to turn from my sins and live for you. Amen." if you just prayed that prayer ( or one like it ) welcome to the family of God! Then, you might be wondering whats next? i want to say that alot of people are decieved into believing that you say this prayer and then you dont do much else but we are to have an intimate personal relationship with The Lord... Five keys to growing in your new relationship with God : 1. Read Gods Word - This enables God to speak to you. 2. Pray - This is you speaking to God. 3 Attend Church - Find a church where The Bible is taught as God's Word ( all of it ). God has established the Church as a canopy for those who believe. ( Hebrews 10:23-25) 4. Fellowship with Christian Friends. Find Christian friends who will help you grow as well as hold you accountable for your actions. ( and true friends want you to be like Christ ) 5. Tell Others. Tell someone about what God has done for you. There is no greater joy than not only going to heaven but leading someone to The Lord so that they will go with you. Jesus loves you soooo much you cant even imagine He wants you to seek Him and make Him first, i understand that you do not yet have all the knowledge but you will grow in The Lord Jesus Christ as you continue to seek Him and live for Him and put your trust in Him. if you want to begin a new life with Christ or are even curious to hear more and what He has done in my life and the life of many others which is so amazing it will blow you away.. email me at brandonh1021@yahoo.com.. or call my cell 856 - 341 - 3057