Angels From Above


GOD is LOVE and He sends His Angels to care.....
For us and our Families.  He provides everyone
With A Guardian Angel to care for us  24 / 7.
We don't always see them - but they are there.

We live in a very complex World and (as we get older)
If we are honest we admit  -  we all need a little help somtime.
Human help is not always at hand but your Guardian Angel
Is always there to help - sometimes in human form !

I believe in ANGELS and one day I slipped in the High Street
I fainted and my eye and face were bleeding badly.
I was aware of being lifted up -  put on a bench - with a drink of water.
My face was bathed and one of the Angels appeared with a vehicle.

My sight was hazy - but they were in white and very very gentle.
One held me lovingly - while the other one drove to a Walk in Centre.
I turned to thank them but - they seemed to just disappear.
The DOCTOR saw me stitched me and I could walk to my car and drive home.


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7 Responses Sep 2, 2011

The Bible? What? How Stupid are you to believe in The Bible?

God is evil, he sends his Angels to kill the First Born.

This really hit home considering the events of the past. Thank you so much for sharing something so meaning & beautiful. xxx

"We don't always see them - but they are there"<br />
<br />
Everybody has their own concept of an angel, I think you have a very wide point of view about them, sometimes we are in difficult situations and help comes our way even from a stranger just because they don't physically have wings doesn't mean they are not angels there is always a helping hand out there

Beautiful! Loved every word!<br />
<br />
"but your Guardian Angel<br />
Is always there to help - sometimes in human form !"<br />
<br />
So true! and It doesn't necessary mean to be a real angel in a human form, sometimes God put in our way people to help us, good people have a heart of gold, and God intents to put them in your way to help you get out of problem, or just to support you, those I call angels in human form :)

I feel very blessed too and I believe in angels. Of course, i would do the same thing if I ever find anyone in need!

Thank you for sharing your experience on Angels and lovely imagery! Reminds me of quote which I will share "Your journey may be long, but so long as you believe in Angels you will never walk alone."