Angels By My Side


A simple acrostic will explain how  A N G E L S  operate:

ANCHORS.  We all drift through life and get tossed about
by every new idea idea and drug and fantasy.  If there is
a danger we will drift into oblivion our Guardian Angel
reins us back in to prevent us drifting into danger & death.

NEAR US.  Sometimes - even when we pray to Him - GOD
can seem very remote and distant.  To answer our prayers
GOD often sends us an Angel - sometimes he uses Humans.
Angels come very close to us and help is where we are !

GOODNESS.  GOD's Angels always work for our good.
Sometimes they have to caution us against certain actions
sometimes they warn us against certain indivisuals.
It  is improtant to recognise that guidence from our
Guardian Angel is always in our positive interest.

EVERYWHERE.  Just as we feel sometimes GOD is remote
we sometimes feel we are beyond GOD's help and protection.
GOD does not judge us he wants to help us.  Because of this
there is nowhere on Earth outside of GOD's love and protection.
GOD's Angels operate  24/7   everywhere and anywhere.

LOVE.  In the dispensation of GRACE - GOD's Angels always
operate in love and try to optimise our our circumstances.

SPIRITUAL.  We have to remember that the source of
GOD's Angels is spiritual and their work is spiritual. 
Remember this when you communicate with an ANGEL.
They are here to provide our need and not our greed

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5 Responses Sep 14, 2011

Beautiful post!

that was a great story good for you! you are a profit and you know in your heart God speaks to you you have know since you where young keep up the great work

I found this to be truly inspiring and I too believe in angels. This is yet just another one of your beautiful poems. You certainly know how to make your words touch a person so deeply.Just Awesome and beautiful pictures as well.

"there is nowhere on Earth outside of GOD's love and protection"<br />
VERY TRUE!! How comforting is this! that you can never be thrown out of God's love and mercy for a simple reason, is that this entire world is owned by him!<br />
<br />
Thank you very much indeed!

Heavenly, comforting thoughts, Whitespirit; thank you for sharing.