Past Life Recollection

hello my friends. Lately I have been meditating and drawing answers from within. I have been conversing with my spirit guide Adam. And he has led me to a shocking discovery about myself and my past lives as well as some hope for the future. my spirit guide Adam is known by many names and he and i have lived many lives over many lifetimes. We were one of the first to ascend to higher consciousness.    Adam was known as Adam-Kadmon,Thoth,Hermes,and Mercury. Adam kept giving me little clues about who he actually was. after piecing together his clues meditating and asking Adam for guidance I finally saw what was like my previous lives on a fast forward button. This is my first life in modern times. Most of my lives were spent in what we call ancient times. I was Osiris,Hades,Pluto. I was an ascended mortal like Thoth. We had met several times in remote and secret places like the desert in Egypt. We were making plans for leaving this physical reality until a time when the world needed our help. We decided to stay around for awhile and watch over things on this physical realm. Many years later Pluto and Mercury met in secret this was during the end of the Roman Empire and we could both see clear as day that Rome would fall mighty an empire as it was the fact is : nothing lasts forever. Such as it was this empire was to fall soon and we were to leave this physical realm and wait for the time to return. Mercury and I discussed many plans and strategies for the time when i was reborn into a physical body but even by our estimates we  were going to be withdrawing for for many years maybe centuries. After all there was no way to accurately measure time in the higher dimensions because time was an illusion  of this reality. We decide only I would be reborn in a physical body and he would remain as my guide and friend. Everything in this lifetime this modern lifetime is new to me and every trial and hardship was for a greater cause I had to feel through  sensory  empathy how much pain the world was in;experience it. I had to know what it was like to hate so much you wanted to kill or hate your life so much you wanted to end it all yourself my gifts which i was born with and have always had as Osiris and Hades. Remote viewing helps me keep an eye on the world without being a big part of it. vitakenesis -my gift of healing mentally or physically . Was probably mistaken for control over life and death which in turn  led to a lot of rumors such as Osiris Hades and Pluto being forever linked with "God of the Dead" when these ancient people called us "Gods" we were tempted to leave then and there but we wanted to help and we couldn't explain that everyone would one day become like us they simply figured the "gods" nice enough to say that were "humble gods". We let it pass so they would trust us and learn from us but we never liked it. We are human just as they were but now I'm back and the world is much more open minded there are people waking up their long forgotten gifts and using them more and more each day. The more i meditate and look at life through the eyes of some one who has lived many lifetimes but long ago i start understanding who i am on a personality level. why i never understood many things about my own world and why i always feel different even among good friends. I also have the ability to manipulate the weather which i'm told in essence is telekinesis. But in all reality i don't know if that was something i was born with in another lifetime or something i've developed over many lifetimes. when i think of my self as Pluto I can see myself standing over on top of a hill over looking a great battle and i begin manipulating the weather and the tempature drops suddenly there are strong gusts of wind blowing across the battle field i concentrate harder and rain starts to fall in ice cold torrents. The wind has gotten so strong soldiers were struggling to see or fight down below i tried harder and a small vortex of cyclone air tore across the field not powerful enough to cause any significant damage but it threw fallen weapons around as it tore across the field. The soldiers on both sides were retreating. i stop concentrating on the cyclone of air and eventually it dispersed. I looked up at the dark sky and the horrible storm brewing. This was one of my first memories to come back during meditation. Even my abilities have become easier to use like i'm working off instinct instead of blind trial and failure. I have asked myself many times why I or Pluto let that bad storm rage and while i was practicing weather manipulation (i've kept it fairly sunny and warm here in Michigan the last few days so i feel good about that : )  ) the answer came to me You can not Control weather it is to chaotic and destructive by nature so when i do manipulate the weather its like i start a chain reaction but have no control over how long or to exactly what degree hence the weather manipulation and not weather control. I'm sorry guys I know this is long and most people won't believe me this is all true just look a little closer at history the mythology and you'll see many times hte gods of ancient times were ascended mortals who had decided to stay and help.
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This is very interesting,for me the veil is still too thick to know who I was and what I did in past lives. I keel a kinship to your words being a starseed and coming here to help with the great shift. I haven't spent many live's in this realm,and like yourself I came to know pain and suffering where I attempted suicide about a year ago. Now looking back I see the gifts my suffering brought. A keen awareness a strong intuition and sense of empathy as well as a stronger connection to my higher self and the angelic realm. I say realm even though all is one. Thank you for sharing your story, and keep sharing your light and speaking your truth the time is now. "we are the one's we've been waiting for" . A hoping saying. peace brother.