† Ask For A Merciful Angel

The Lord says:

1) Praise and glorify the Father.   He makes the sun rise every day to give you light and heat.   He makes the stars come out at night to dispel your fear of darkness.

2) To all who cry, I tell you that not even a mother would be able to silence the cry of her children with as much tenderness as shall the Father with those in distress.

3) To all those who suffer hunger, I tell them for certain, there is no mind that might be able to imagine the banquet that awaits them in the house of My Father.

4) Blessed be those who are persecuted for justice, because that is the path taken by the prophets and those who were sent by God.   One day I will tell them: "Go and take a seat at the head of the table.

5) Fight but with peace.   Work but with a healthy joy, without anxieties, without worries…  True happiness is not in having nor in not having, but in accepting everything with peace…

6) Do not enter into the sacred temple of your neighbor’s intentions.   Do not always be looking at the other person’s sins.   Return good for bad.

7) When a soul decides to return to Me, I feel raised above the pressure of the bitter lament from all the broken illusions of all humanity and feel the warmest compassion that makes My Mercy bloom.   And there, I proclaim that soul to be a good soul, a noble soul and rightly so, a soul belonging entirely to celestial royalty.

8) Pray each morning, asking that the Father may send you a merciful angel so that the angel may pull off your nettles and thistles that during the night the enemy could have planted.

9) Ask Him to never let go of your hand and that never may you be without His Son looking upon you nor be without the love of the Holy Spirit…

From ARK-51 in "The Ark of the New Covenant", by Catalina (Katya) Rivas

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46-50, M
Nov 15, 2011