Was It My Guardian Angel ?

Years ago, when I had little desire to continue living but no longer suicidal, I was driving my car to visit a friend. As I approached her house, I didn’t park in my usual spot which was on a street about 75 feet from her house, a street which was above her house - to the left of a hill (she lived at the bottom of the hill). For some unknown reason, I pulled my car to the right on the bottom of the hill and still had my gear shift in drive and my foot on the brake when - a large car came speeding over the blind crest of this hill, ripping off the guard-rails which separated the street at the left from her house below. The car landed on its hood and would surely have crushed me to death had I parked in my usual spot for I would have been directly in its path as it came over the hill. What made me pull my card to the side where I did not normally park? That event convinced me that we do in fact have Guardian Angels.

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I got an angel that wants you to suck on!

Great story!<br />
Thanks for posting. Keep these wonderful miracle story coming. I do believe in miracles.<br />
God bless


That's a great story. I've had experiences like that, too. I only wish we could depend on this help. You never know when it will come.