I believe in angels and that some are in human form. When Joel died , I was in between jobs (welding ) I literally was hired as a medical finisher during his funeral. I had taken out a loan for the expenses , when i got to the funeral palor that day they said it had been paid . Puzzled i asked who? His employer and dear friends of ours , i was in tears . My youngest started having panic attacks when i would leave the house ,she even started sleeping in my bed as she thought i was going to die. I asked the employer to please put through the calls ..He told me no and not his problem then he decided while i was going to the hospital for cancer tests to give me a time limit and fire me ...***hole . The money i had taken out in the loan helped us and so did unemployment till i found something . Had it not been for the kindness of his employer ,i do no know what i would have done. As for being fired Please my kids needed me home and i was in no shape to be working the jerk did me a favor! He was pissed when i won the unemployment as what he pulled was a no ,no!

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Your guide and angels have clearly been working for you, when in need, ask them for help.