When I lived in Florida I had many many friends,most of them Christians,many of them said I was an angel that walked among people.
I don't think I'm an angel, but if I'm ever called for a wing fitting I will try to be the best Angel ever.
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I AM SHE! THIS IS ME.......................................I AM THIS SHADOW ANGEL

She lives in the shadows

and fears all light.

She's sweet and enjoys the night.

You rarely see her during the day,

But you might see her anyway.

Her favorite flower

is the red rose,

And at night she really glows.

Some call her the Shadow Angel,

and we all wonder why.

Some call her a Demon Angel,

but that's something we can deny.

She really is the Shadow Angel,

and we can all understand.

She's the sweetest Shadow Angel,

and anything she can withstand.

The Shadow Angel is rarely seen.

You'll be lucky to catch her.

She's a hidden part of me,

and her favorite holiday?


The Shadow Angel has the most wonderful wings.

Some claimed to have seen her fly.

Her voice is beautiful when she sings.

She loves to cry,

if she ever has a need.

I've spoken of the Shadow Angel,

and told you what I know.

We've walked and talked,

and she really does glow.

I can't tell you her name,

for that would bring her shame.

You see, the Shadow Angel made a vow,

that she would show me how,

to keep her secrets.

Her secrets are hard to keep,

but I've done well.

She wouldn't dare tell her secrets,

for they hold the greatest danger you'll tell.

She knows some things

that humans were never meant to know.

Quite frankly it stings

to have this burden to stow

away in your mind.

The Shadow Angel is my friend.

And her secrets are mine as well.

To backstab a Shadow Angel...

That's the last thing you'll comprehend.

I'm sticking with the Angel to the very end.

One sad, dark, and gloomy day she'll ascend,

and I'll see her in the end.

I'm sure I know this angel, and love her.

Yes you are Shelle! I know because I am a "Fallen Angel" My feathers are damaged!

Jamie Lee

It's okay beautiful birds grow their feathers right back and are just as good as new.

great story

Thank you so kind.