When I lived in Florida I had many many friends,most of them Christians,many of them said I was an angel that walked among people.
I don't think I'm an angel, but if I'm ever called for a wing fitting I will try to be the best Angel ever.
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I AM SHE! THIS IS ME.......................................I AM THIS SHADOW ANGEL<br />
<br />
She lives in the shadows<br />
and fears all light.<br />
She's sweet and enjoys the night.<br />
You rarely see her during the day,<br />
But you might see her anyway.<br />
Her favorite flower<br />
is the red rose,<br />
And at night she really glows.<br />
<br />
Some call her the Shadow Angel,<br />
and we all wonder why.<br />
Some call her a Demon Angel,<br />
but that's something we can deny.<br />
She really is the Shadow Angel,<br />
and we can all understand.<br />
She's the sweetest Shadow Angel,<br />
and anything she can withstand.<br />
<br />
The Shadow Angel is rarely seen.<br />
You'll be lucky to catch her.<br />
She's a hidden part of me,<br />
and her favorite holiday?<br />
Halloween.<br />
The Shadow Angel has the most wonderful wings.<br />
Some claimed to have seen her fly.<br />
Her voice is beautiful when she sings.<br />
She loves to cry,<br />
if she ever has a need.<br />
<br />
I've spoken of the Shadow Angel,<br />
and told you what I know.<br />
We've walked and talked,<br />
and she really does glow.<br />
I can't tell you her name,<br />
for that would bring her shame.<br />
You see, the Shadow Angel made a vow,<br />
that she would show me how,<br />
to keep her secrets.<br />
Her secrets are hard to keep,<br />
but I've done well.<br />
She wouldn't dare tell her secrets,<br />
for they hold the greatest danger you'll tell.<br />
<br />
She knows some things<br />
that humans were never meant to know.<br />
Quite frankly it stings<br />
to have this burden to stow<br />
away in your mind.<br />
<br />
<br />
The Shadow Angel is my friend.<br />
And her secrets are mine as well.<br />
To backstab a Shadow Angel...<br />
That's the last thing you'll comprehend.<br />
I'm sticking with the Angel to the very end.<br />
<br />
One sad, dark, and gloomy day she'll ascend,<br />
and I'll see her in the end.

Yes you are Shelle! I know because I am a "Fallen Angel" My feathers are damaged!<br />
<br />
Jamie Lee

great story