My Guardian Angel

Hi everybody! My name is Howard and I do Believe in Angels because I have met my guardian angel. I have had a few different experiences with him but I will only share this one here. I was 21 years old at the time and I had just gotten married the first time. It was winter time and I was working at my father in laws seed cleaning plant. I had the afternoon shift so I didn't get home until 12:30 to 1:00 am every night. This one night after I got home I went in and sat down on my easy chair. I hadn't even turned on the tv set when I sensed an evil spirit come into the house and come to within 6 to 8 feet away from me. I have never been so terrified in my life before or since. I could not see it with my eyes but could see it in my mind. It was not what I expected. It was a 3.5 foot orb that was shimmering. This was before orbs became well known. I had never heard of such a thing. Anyway I was terrified and could think of nothing to do except pray. I got a third to halfway through the Our Father when I felt a physical hand touch my shoulder. Undescribable peace flooded completely through me and the evil spirit turned and left and I went to bed knowing that God was with me. Btw. The being that put his hand on my shoulder seemed as if he was chuckling because I was so scared when I really didn't need to be because he was there with me.

This is a true story, I will write more of them later.

Have a Great day everybody!
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wow.. so incredible ! What a story. Yeah, why would an evil spirit bother with anyone if he felt the person was already NOT involved with the Lord Jesus, right?
God bless you for telling your story , encouraging brother.

I just finished reading Lorna Byrne's books (Angels in
my Hair, Stairway to Heaven), It is amazing. Worth
reading. You may have a look at some of her posts on: You can
download the first chapter of her first book
free of charge on I am this kinda person, I do not necesserely believe in
everything I read, but I try to keep my mind open.


I believe your story, but I don't believe the orb was evil. My angel says angels are a "ball of light". I think the orb was the angel, and the hand on your shoulder was to let you know not to be afraid. The evil feeling was probably something from your past the angel was helping you to deal with.

Thank you for your input but it was a demon. I had seen him in physical form about a month after this experience. He was one of the Hairy one's that the Bible talks about. Nasty and when I saw him with my eyes this time he just stood there and growled and snarled at me. They are real my friend.


I totally believe you. I sensed evil one night when I was all alone in a farmhouse I'd just moved into.
A sound of a high pitch woke me up and continued to get louder until the sound was so loud I had to cover my ears. I went under the covers and KNEW it was evil trying to scare me.
I just prayed and prayed and slowly the sound went down and away like something was quelling it.
I wasn't a Xian then, but that evil made me cling to Jesus (God). I met a girl
at my job within a couple of months after that.
She was hearing all my drama of my life and told me there was a person who could counsel me.... lol !
It was her pastor and he told me about Jesus. He called the local bible college and someone from Texas sent me to it for free and pd. my tuition!
Oh, I never want to go back to the old way of living without knowing and having a relationship of love from and with Jesus our Lord and Savior.
Thanks my brother for telling your story to us on EP !

I had one in a dream once. It was a huge red demon, and it spooned up behind me in bed and put it's crushingly heavy arm over my waist, and crushed my kidney. I was in agony, but I couldn't fight it off or scream or move at all I was in such pain. I had a kidney infection and actual kidney damage as a teen, but now from working with my angel I know it was from abuse from my mother. My dream replaced her with the demon, as I didn't remember she had abused me.

What an amazing experience. I'm wondering why the evil spirit/orb came around (very scary), and why you're able to see/feel these aspects of the spirit world. I do believe we have angels/spirits around us (good and bad), but so far I've not been able to see or feel them....

Hi Lorikim,

Ask God to open your eyes and ears to see and hear what others generally cannot. If you want to see or sense them. I don't know why exactly it is that my family has these gifts but am appreciative to our God that he has done these things for us. It is a very good thing to live in his Grace and I Love him with all my heart and soul. If you do the same I am sure you will receive what you ask for too.

God Bless you and yours now and always!

Have a Great day!

Thanks for the positive words!


and welcome...