The Guardian Angel.

I'm not christian but i do believe that there is a force that is protecting me always. There have been times when i've been completely alone in physicality but I feel someone is with me. I feel warm and happy then. When i look back into my life, there have been so many incidences that could have ruined me completely but somehow i always got out of the unhurt. It can be a coincidence but i doubt luck is that grateful on a person who is quite stupid. Its like I have literally been lifted from a situation and taken away from it. Its over then. Next day is brand new and Nothing from the bad situation shadows me. When I feel creative i feel the presence around talking to me and jumping up and down with me when i'm happy.
I'm not schizophrenic, i got myself checked, just in case. There could only be one explanation, which seems very cloudy to most of the people.
There is a force protecting me, loving me and helping me sail throw life.

To that force, thank you. I wish i could say more than a mere thank you but i dont know what to say. Thank you for loving me, for being with me always, specially when i forgot you. Thank you for everything. I love you and i know you love me too.
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Great post, I have this hope and I always will, that there is a higher being. I can never be sure without proof, I don't want to get let down on such a massive level if there is no God.

That is a Great post. One thing I would like to tell you tho. I know your not a Christian but in the Bible it says that Angels are sent by God to protect those who are to receive salvation. Maybe you should take a closer look at Christianity? It's real.<br />
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Could you please quote the passage so I can look it up?

Hi Handed, it's in the first chapter of Hebrew's.

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great post