The Guardian Angel.

I'm not christian but i do believe that there is a force that is protecting me always. There have been times when i've been completely alone in physicality but I feel someone is with me. I feel warm and happy then. When i look back into my life, there have been so many incidences that could have ruined me completely but somehow i always got out of the unhurt. It can be a coincidence but i doubt luck is that grateful on a person who is quite stupid. Its like I have literally been lifted from a situation and taken away from it. Its over then. Next day is brand new and Nothing from the bad situation shadows me. When I feel creative i feel the presence around talking to me and jumping up and down with me when i'm happy.
I'm not schizophrenic, i got myself checked, just in case. There could only be one explanation, which seems very cloudy to most of the people.
There is a force protecting me, loving me and helping me sail throw life.

To that force, thank you. I wish i could say more than a mere thank you but i dont know what to say. Thank you for loving me, for being with me always, specially when i forgot you. Thank you for everything. I love you and i know you love me too.
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That could be a spirit guide or an angel passing the messages on.They could be guiding you to your future path or helping you discover your talents that may bring out the best of you.

Great post, I have this hope and I always will, that there is a higher being. I can never be sure without proof, I don't want to get let down on such a massive level if there is no God.

That is a Great post. One thing I would like to tell you tho. I know your not a Christian but in the Bible it says that Angels are sent by God to protect those who are to receive salvation. Maybe you should take a closer look at Christianity? It's real.<br />
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Have a Great day!

Could you please quote the passage so I can look it up?

Hi Handed, it's in the first chapter of Hebrew's.

Have a Great day!

great post