One evening my siblings and i were home alone. My oldest brother was 1ryrs old. My two oldest brothers steal out after my parents left and said they will soon be back. I was ONLY eight years old my little brother and i were playing outside. While we were playing with a ball, i bent down to pick up the ball, when i looked a saw a strange looking creature appeared out of the sky. So i touched and said " do you see that", he said " yes" It was pearly white shiny like lots of light it has the body of a human, wearing a white garment, with a golden ball spinning in one of its hand. Within split seconds we realized it was coming towards us but been a typical 8 year old we ran into the house and locked the door. I switch off the light and climbed up to peep through the window. And there it was, looking with piercing eyes, its eyes were like beautiful crystal it has huge wings, its has this pure white, like one i have never seen, then it took of. When i looked i saw my little brother under a table.But strangely enough i felt i had to go outside and see this strange being. So i tip toed out side looking carefully, but did not see it,. When i went outside my with my brother gripping my blouse, i saw an opening in the sky, it was like a portal, its was beautiful it was a ring formed from white clouds , around the ring was some colorful stars , dancing like merry children , it low over my house, then it closed up peacefully I remembered it like it was yesterday. After that i have seen angels at least three more times, once when i was in an accident. I also have visions and dreams that come just like how i see them, i wonder if that has anything to do with the angel i saw at eight years old.

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great stury

great story