She Is What Keeps Me Sane And Motivated

I have lived many points in my life which have been filled with stress and anxiety. Due to previous happenings in many areas of my life, I've been angry and bitter in the past, and even now I sometimes find my anger boiling up again. When I get angry, I get really angry. I can scream and can feel the anger almost possessing my body.

Sometimes I feel like I have bad luck. Because in lots of areas, my efforts just do not appear to get the results I desire. I break things, I don't get what I deserve, I get trampled all over by people who are supposed to treat me with respect.

I treat people well and so often get stabbed in the back. People undermine me and label me as something I am not. I have felt hard done by in the past.

Despite all of this, what keeps me going?

Sometimes my day is just frustration after frustration. Yet what keeps me going? What stops me saying, "I give up"?

Number 1 - My family. I have been blessed with God (or some higher power) with a tremendous family who have supported me, cared for me and helped me overcome personal battles. They are the number one reason why I don't decide to give up, or haven't decided to give up, in the past.
Perhaps they are my angels on earth. :)

Number 2 - my guardian angel. I do not know who she is or what she looks like. But in times of frustration, self hatred, anger, anxiety and depression, she is beside me. She somehow lets me know it's okay, that it will be okay. If I meditate in silence alone, a warmth is felt inside of me and I know it's her presence. Something stops me giving up every day, something keeps me calm, positive and motivated.
Something I cannot even see.

Yes, I do believe in angels :)
Because she's helped me as much as my family :D

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I too believe that we get our own share of angels in our lives. I believe wholeheartedly in angels.

Thank you for your comment. I'm glad to have met a fellow believer :) Angels can touch us and come into our lives in many different forms. But I've learned that they will not open to you unless you allow them in in the first place :)