My Angels

More than once in my life, I have felt, heard and saw Angels.

I was a young (not in years) christian and was having some major things in my life, and I needed help. Help that could only could come from God, impossible for man.

My mentor, and cherished Aunt told me to pray and ask for Angels of protection. She had never told me wrong, so alone in my Angel room of prayer I pleaded with God to send his Angels and protect my babies.

as I was on my knees talking with my Jesus I actually felt the wind from the Angels wings, as they were going on the mission God had sent them on my behalf.

And I got my miracle. Yes I not only believe, I have seen what that can do on our behalf, if we ask God for their help.
mommaceitta mommaceitta
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1 Response Dec 12, 2012

Aunts are dear to us :)
I too have Angels around me. And I have seen my past loved ones. They are with you!
Thank you truly write with a big loving heart!

thank you,
seeing and knowing and holding on tight :)