Near Death

when I was 11 years old,me & my best friend Sherry had decided to go to the local pool,my mom dropped us off & said "I'll be back at 3:00", so we went in took our showers & headed for the pool,there was one life guard on duty at the time,I suppose with me being 11 he couldn't have been any older than 19,anyway we started off in at the shallow end &  me "I can swim very well" so I was comfortable there but my friend wasn't,she wanted to go to the deep side,so she did. when she reached the other side,she called for me to join her,I was scared but I did it anyway,I was calmly walking across the pool, when all of a sudden "I fell!" I just sank to the bottom,I was  trying to reach the top,gasping for air when all of a sudden there was an arm "my very own arm!" right in front of me so I grabbed on to it & pulled myself up, as I came up gasping for air reaching for the side of the pool,there was absolutely "NO ONE" there,I was alone! there wasn't even any other kids in the pool around me,my friend didn't even see what was happening & the lifeguard was still at his post.That is the day I started believing in angels!
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i hate to burst your bubble. but when you sank to the bottom your brain was starved for oxygen. being short of oxygen will cause the brain to bring to reality whatever you want

When someone I can only describe as an angel saved my life in Bali my brain was not starved of oxygen and on another occasion when I was protected from a mugger late at night after leaving a meeting,my brain was also fully functional.Please keep an open mind.

Know a friend to had a very similar story!