Did Angels Visit Me?

Hi there I had a strange experience on the night of my birthday just gone 26th September. I was alone asleep I had an amazing dream that the sky was full of angels all decending to earth there were so many I couldnt count them.They were all staying at cloud level .I then started to wake up and was aware of someone standing to the left of mybed and at the foot I remeber not being afraid and knowing these were angels.I remeber knowing them as Gabrieland Michael? but I dont remeber asking thier names. They didnt speak to me I felt a touch on my back and then I sat up - it was 12.34 am I looked at my phone and got out of bed as I could hear music , I cant describe it really it was beautiful like chimes or bells and then I heard chearing and rejoicing - it sounded like a huge crowd so I walked over and I opened the window and looked out and around but there was nothing there- I felt peaceful but a bit bermused but not scared.I eventually went back to sleep.The next day when my boyfriend returned I him but he just didnt believe me-Since this happened I have continued to feel at peace and very very calm and have been really aware of the sound of wind all the time. 2 days later I discovered I was pregnant- Nothing like this has happened to me before but I know I didnt imagine it and the feeling has stayedwith me?I would love to know your thoughts or opinions about this .Thankyou.x
zennor zennor
1 Response Oct 1, 2008

Gabriel is the messenger angel, and Michael is the warrior angel... I think they were letting you know that you had good news coming, and that you were safe and protected. This is such a great story. I'm sure your child will be really special! I hope that peaceful feeling never leaves you.